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    Offline / Local Search for Docusaurus v2.0.0-beta0+

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    Offline / local search for Docusaurus v2.0.0-beta0+ that works behind your firewall.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Supports multiple documentation versions
    • Supports documentation written in languages other than English
    • Highlights search results
    • Customized parsers for docs, blogs, and general pages
    • Lazy-loads the index

    Search in Action

    Note: We use the open source algolia/autocomplete library for the searchbox. This library is just used as the frontend, and, unlike the default Docusaurus search experience (algolia/docsearch), does not connect to any Algolia or third-party servers.


    yarn add @cmfcmf/docusaurus-search-local


    npm install @cmfcmf/docusaurus-search-local


    Add this plugin to the plugins array in docusaurus.config.js.

    module.exports = {
      // ...
      plugins: [
      // or, if you want to specify options:
      // ...
      plugins: [
        [require.resolve('@cmfcmf/docusaurus-search-local'), {
          // Options here

    The following options are available (defaults are shown below):

      // whether to index docs pages
      indexDocs: true,
      // must start with "/" and correspond to the routeBasePath configured for the docs plugin
      // use "/" if you use docs-only-mode
      // (see https://v2.docusaurus.io/docs/2.0.0-alpha.70/docs-introduction#docs-only-mode)
      docsRouteBasePath: '/docs',
      // Whether to also index the titles of the parent categories in the sidebar of a doc page.
      // 0 disables this feature.
      // 1 indexes the direct parent category in the sidebar of a doc page
      // 2 indexes up to two nested parent categories of a doc page
      // 3...
      // Do _not_ use Infinity, the value must be a JSON-serializable integer.
      indexDocSidebarParentCategories: 0,
      // whether to index blog pages
      indexBlog: true,
      // must start with "/" and correspond to the routeBasePath configured for the blog plugin
      // use "/" if you use blog-only-mode
      // (see https://v2.docusaurus.io/docs/2.0.0-alpha.70/blog#blog-only-mode)
      blogRouteBasePath: '/blog',
      // whether to index static pages
      // /404.html is never indexed
      indexPages: false,
      // language of your documentation, see next section
      language: "en",
      // setting this to "none" will prevent the default CSS to be included. The default CSS
      // comes from autocomplete-theme-classic, which you can read more about here:
      // https://www.algolia.com/doc/ui-libraries/autocomplete/api-reference/autocomplete-theme-classic/
      style: undefined,
      // lunr.js-specific settings
      lunr: {
        // When indexing your documents, their content is split into "tokens".
        // Text entered into the search box is also tokenized.
        // This setting configures the separator used to determine where to split the text into tokens.
        // By default, it splits the text at whitespace and dashes.
        // Note: Does not work for "ja" and "th" languages, since these use a different tokenizer.
        tokenizerSeparator: /[\s\-]+/

    You can now use the search bar to search your documentation.

    Important: Search only works for the statically built documentation (i.e., after you ran yarn build in your documentation folder).

    Search does not work in development (i.e., when running yarn start).

    Non-English Documentation

    Use the language option if your documentation is not written in English. You can either specify a single language or an array of multiple languages. The following languages are available:

    ar, da, de, en, es, fi, fr, hi, hu, it, ja, nl, no, pt, ro, ru, sv, th, tr, vi, zh

    Important: For Chinese language support (zh), you also have to install the nodejieba npm package at ^2.5.0.

    Documentation Versions

    Documentation versions created with the official Docusaurus docs plugin are supported. The search bar defaults to the latest version (not next, but the latest version defined in versions.json) when not on a documentation page (e.g., when looking at a blog post or a static page). If the user visits a documentation page, the version is extracted from the page and search will only search the documentation of that version. The searchbar placeholder text always reflects the currently detected documentation version.


    This plugin supports documentation using Docusaurus i18n out of the box.

    However, the text used for the searchbox itself (e.g., the Search... placeholder) is currently only translated in German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia. Please contribute additional translations by creating a new translation file in the codeTranslations subfolder and submitting a PR.

    You can also adjust translations by modifiying the translations in <yourfolder>/i18n/<locale>/code.json that start with cmfcmf/d-s-l.. Read more at: https://docusaurus.io/docs/i18n/tutorial#translate-json-files


    If building your documentation produces an error, you can build it in debug mode to figure out which page is causing it. To do so, simply set the DEBUG environment variable when building your documentation: DEBUG=1 yarn build.


    Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file for further information.




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