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    Data Table

    Data table web component with multiple features


    To install:

    yarn @clubajax/data-table
    cd data-table


    Create a data-table element, passing in at least a schema and rows.

    Data Table has not been tested using markup. It should work, but the schema and rows will need to be passed in dynamically.

    Simple Example

    const schema = {
        columns: [
            {key: 'name', label: 'Name'},
            {key: 'age', label: 'Age'},
            {key: 'height', label: 'Height'}
    const data = [
            id: 1,
            name: 'Moke',
            age: 20,
            height: 6.1,
        }, {
            id: 2,
            name: 'Joke',
            age: 10,
            height: 4.5,
        }, {
            id: 3,
            name: 'Doke',
            age: 40,
            height: 5.9,
    dom('data-table', {
        schema: schema,
        rows: data,
    }, parentNode);


    Data is an array of objects, of which each object represents a row. Each object should be a key-value pair; the key is the property, and the value is what will be displayed in the table.


    The Schema can have several properties:

    • sort: The property in the columns of which the table will be initially sorted.
    • desc: The initial sort default to asecending. If desc = true, it will default to descending.
    • width: The width of that column. Can be an interger (pixels) or a string (to use percentages).
    • columns: An array of objects which represents the columns. Each object s a key-value pair; the key property should map to a property in a data object. The label is what displays in the table header. Columns can also contain an additional property:
    • columns.component: An object that represents a widget that will make that column of cells editable.
    • columns.component.type: The type of widget that will appear in the cell. Note for all but link, a peerDependency of @clubajax/form.

    Component Types


    The cell will render as a link. An additonal property should be used, url of which the value should map to a property in the data object.


    When the cell is clicked, an input will show.

    An additional property of subtype can be used for other input types. Defaults to text. (Note, this is untested).

    An additonal property of format can also be used to format the input and HTML cell display. The following formats are currently supported: currency, integer, and percentage.


    The cell will render as a dropdown. The property in the data will be the value of the dropdown. An additonal property, options should be used, which is an array of objects that represents the dropdown options.


    The cell will render as a checkbox. The property in the data will be the value of the checkbox; true for checked, false for unchecked.

    Change Event

    When using any component (other than link), and the component is changed, the Data Table will emit a change event. The event will be a DOM HTMLClick event, and the event.value will be the changed data item (representing that row).

    Data Table Attributes

    • scrollable: This attribute will render a static header, while the table body can scroll (both horizontally and vertically). NOTE: Not yet tested on Windows. While it will work, the scrollbar may cause alignment issues.
    • clickable: When using this attribute, each row and header cell will be clickable, and have a hover state. It will emit custom events, header-click and row-click.
    • selectable: This attribute allows for a single-selection of rows. If used with sortable, the selction is maintained. A change event will be emitted, with the value of the item/row id. The item and the row will also be in the event.
    • extsort: If true, sorting will not rerender the items, only emit a sort event. This data should be sent to the sever for new rows. Then pass in the new rows and extsort.
    datatable.extsort = {
        field: 'name',
        dir: 'asc'
    If a column has `unsortable:true`, that column will not be sortable.
     ## Styling
     Data Table uses CSS custom vars, so it is a simple matter of overwriting them, copying from the included stylesheet. Else, it would be a simple matter of overwriting the existing styles and making use of attribute selectors.
     ## License
     [Free](./LICENSE), as in Beer with Bob


    npm i @clubajax/data-table

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