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    grpc web testing toolbox

    Utility functions to help you stub and assert on grpc calls.

    For example, if you use @improbable-eng/grpc-web to have grpc calls made directly from your browser and you want to cover this in your e2e tests, this toolbox will be helpful.


    yarn add --dev @cloudnc/grpc-web-testing-toolbox


    This repository contains 2 folders that you can import from:

    • base: ➡️ import {} from '@cloudnc/grpc-web-testing-toolbox/base'
    • playwright: ➡️ import {} from '@cloudnc/grpc-web-testing-toolbox/playwright'


    The base folder is framework agnostic and contains only 1 function: grpcResponseToBuffer.

    The signature of the function is the following:

    export function grpcResponseToBuffer(
      response: GrpcSuccessResponse | GrpcErrorResponse
    ): Buffer;

    As the name and signature suggest, it's a small helper to convert a grpc response to a buffer.


    Playwright is an e2e testing framework. It's open source and available on Github.

    On top of the base we've built a dedicated Playwright helper that'll let you easily mock a grpc call but also assert on the params passed during the request and assert on the response.

    Feel free to have a look at the code in that repo as it's quite short here: src/playwright/index.ts but basically we call page.route for you and use the function grpcResponseToBuffer defined into @cloudnc/grpc-web-testing-toolbox/base to correctly wrap the message.

    Here's a complete example with Playwright:

    import { expect, test } from '@playwright/test';
    test.describe('Some test wrapper', () => {
      test('Make sure a grpc call is made and is successful', async ({ page }) => {
        // start by building a mock for the unary call that will be done
        // for example as soon as a given page is loaded
        const mock = await mockGrpcUnary(page, YourUnaryCall, {
          message: YourUnaryCallResponse.encode({
            // all the content of the response goes here as a classic JS object
            // this is the mock data that will be passed in the response
        const [, mockRequest] = await Promise.all([
          // go to the page that will trigger the grpc call
          // but really this could be anything else like a
          // click on button triggering the grpc call instead
          // make sure that the grpc call is made, if not this will fail
        // at this stage we know the grpc call was made and on top
        // of that we can assert that the request had a given body
        ).toBe('what you expect');
        // from there, you can make assertions directly in the DOM to make sure that
        // whatever was passed in the body of the grpc call is now correctly displayed
        // in your app where it should be, using regular Playwright API


    npm i @cloudnc/grpc-web-testing-toolbox

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