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    Using service workers with Cloudinary!

    What's inside?

    The main directory consists of an index.js script and the templates directory containing service worker file and its configuration.

    This is published to NPM as @cloudinary/create-cloudinary-service-worker-lab allowing it to be run with the npx or yarn create commands.


    yarn create @cloudinary/cloudinary-service-worker-lab
    npx @cloudinary/create-cloudinary-service-worker-lab

    Those commands will copy the service worker files to the desired location (working directory by default, can be overriden with -p | --path parameter).


    yarn create @cloudinary/cloudinary-service-worker-lab --path my-app/src
    npx @cloudinary/create-cloudinary-service-worker-lab --path my-app/src

    The script accepts also a --verbose flag to provide additional runtime information. See --help for more options.

    Demo project

    Besides the main package this repository contains also the demo application showing the example use case. It includes a small website with images that does not use Cloudinary. You can run it locally, use the @cloudinary/create-cloudinary-service-worker-lab script and enable it to see the difference.

    In order to check it yourself please clone this repository and run the following.

    cd demo
    yarn start
    # if you prefer to use npm please run the following
    cd demo
    npm install
    npm start

    You should have a working page without service workers running locally. In order to enhance it with the power of the Cloudinary service worker run the following:

    yarn create @cloudinary/cloudinary-service-worker-lab
    # if you prefer to use npm please run the following
    npx @cloudinary/create-cloudinary-service-worker-lab

    The service worker is now copied to your (demo) project directory. Please edit index.html and add the service worker setup script cloudinaryServiceWorkerSetup.js.

    <script src="./cloudinaryServiceWorkerSetup.js"></script>

    You're done! Once you refresh the page the service worker should be registered. Once you refresh the page for the second time all assets will be served through cloudinary. You can edit the config JSON inside the cloudinaryServiceWorkerSetup.js file to customize the behaviour.


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