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    CloudGraph GCP Provider

    Use the CloudGraph GCP Provider to scan and normalize cloud infrastructure using the GCP Client Libraries


    Install the GCP provider in CloudGraph

    cg init gcp


    Authenticate the CloudGraph GCP Provider using service account keys:

    Multi Account

    CloudGraph is able to scan multiple GCP service accounts at once. This is done by entering a project ID and the service account key file location for each service account when running cg init. All resources will be tagged with a projectId so you can query resources specific to a project or query resources across accounts!


    CloudGraph creates a configuration file at:

    • UNIX: ~/.config/cloudgraph/.cloud-graphrc.json
    • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\cloudgraph/.cloud-graphrc.json

    NOTE: CloudGraph will output where it stores the configuration file and provider data as part of the cg init command

    CloudGraph will generate this configuration file when you run cg init gcp. You may update it manually or by running cg init gcp again.

    "gcp": {
      "accounts": [
          "projectId": "autocloud-sandbox",
          "keyFilename": "/Users/me/autocloud-sandbox.json"
          "projectId": "cloudgraph-sample",
          "keyFilename": "/Users/me/cloudgraph-sample.json"
      "regions": "us-central1,us-east1",
      "resources": "vpc,project"

    CloudGraph GCP Provider will ask you what regions you would like to crawl and will by default crawl for all supported resources in selected regions in the default account. You can update the regions or resources fields in the cloud-graphrc.json file to change this behavior. You can also select which resources to crawl in the cg init gcp command by passing the the -r flag: cg init gcp -r

    Supported Services

    Service Relations
    aiPlatformNotebooks project, kmsCryptoKeys, network, subnet
    alertPolicy project
    apiGatewayGateways project, apiGatewayApis, apiGatewayApiConfigs
    apiGatewayApis project, apiGatewayGateways
    apiGatewayApiConfigs project, apiGatewayGateways
    apiKeys project
    assets project
    bigQueryDataset project
    bigQueryConnection project
    bigQueryDataTransfer bigQueryDataTransferRun, project
    bigQueryDataTransferRun project
    bigQueryReservation project
    bigQueryReservationCapacityCommitment project
    cdnBackendBucket project, cdnUrlMap
    cdnBackendService project, cdnUrlMap, network
    cdnUrlMap project, cdnBackendBucket, cdnBackendService
    cloudFunction project, vpcConnectors
    cloudRouters project
    computeProject project
    dataprocClusters project, dataprocJobs, dataprocWorkflowTemplates
    dataprocAutoscalingPolicies project
    dataprocJobs project, dataprocClusters
    dataprocWorkflowTemplates project, dataprocClusters
    kmsCryptoKeys aiPlatformNotebooks, iamPolicy, kmsKeyRing, project
    dnsManagedZone project
    dnsPolicy project, network
    firestoreDatabases project
    firewall network, project
    folder iamPolicy, organization, project
    kmsKeyRing kmsCryptoKeys, project
    iamPolicy folder, kmsCryptoKeys, project
    logBucket logView, project
    logMetric project
    logSink project
    logView logBucket, project
    network cloudRouters, dnsPolicy, firewall, project, sqlInstances, subnet, vmInstance, vpcConnectors, cdnBackendService, aiPlatformNotebooks
    organization folder, project
    project ALL SERVICES
    secretManager project
    serviceAccounts project
    sqlInstances project, network
    sslPolicies project, targetHttpsProxies, targetSslProxies
    storageBucket project
    subnet project, network, vmInstance, vpcConnectors, aiPlatformNotebooks
    targetSslProxies project, sslPolicies
    targetHttpsProxies project, sslPolicies
    vmInstance project, network, subnet
    vpcConnectors cloudFunction, project, network, subnet




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