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Cloudflare Icon Component


Installation with yarn is recommended

$ yarn add @cloudflare/component-icon


import React from 'react';
import { Icon } from '../../src';
import iconTypes from '../../src/iconTypes';

import { createComponent } from '@cloudflare/style-container';

const ColorWrapper = createComponent(
  () => ({
    backgroundColor: '#f1f1f1',
    paddingTop: '10px',
    paddingBottom: '10px',
    paddingLeft: '15px',
    maxWidth: 750,
    display: 'block'

const TextWrapper = createComponent(
  () => ({
    paddingRight: '20px',
    paddingLeft: '5px'

const IconComponent = () => (
      {iconTypes.map(iconType => (
        <IconWrapper key={iconType}>
          <Icon label={iconType} type={iconType} size="3x" />

      <Icon label="2x" size="2x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="2.5x" size="2.5x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="3x" size="3x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="3.5x" size="3.5x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="4x" size="4x" type="gear" />

        <Icon label="default" size="2x" type="search" color="default" />
        <Icon label="primary" size="2x" type="caret-right" color="primary" />
        <Icon label="success" size="2x" type="ok" color="success" />
        <Icon label="warning" size="2x" type="info-sign" color="warning" />
        <Icon label="danger" size="2x" type="exclamation-sign" color="danger" />
        <Icon label="black" size="2x" type="remove" color="black" />
        <Icon label="white" size="2x" type="shield" color="white" />

const gutterSize = '0.5em';
const Icons = createComponent(() => ({
  display: 'grid',
  gridTemplateColumns: 'repeat(auto-fill, minmax(8rem, 1fr))',
  gridAutoRows: '1fr',
  margin: `0 -${gutterSize}`,
  '&::before': {
    content: `''`,
    width: '0',
    paddingBottom: '100%',
    gridRow: '1 / 1',
    gridColumn: '1 / 1'

const IconWrapper = createComponent(({ theme }) => ({
  display: 'flex',
  alignItems: 'center',
  flexDirection: 'column',
  justifyContent: 'center',
  margin: gutterSize,
  background: theme.colors.gray[9],
  '& svg': {
    flex: 1,
    marginTop: '1.5em'
  '&:first-child': {
    gridRow: '1 / 1',
    gridColumn: '1 / 1'

export default IconComponent;

Updating Icons

If you would like to add new icons to the component library/design system please follow the procedures below to help ensure the icons remain consistent.

Repo: product-design

Follow the link to the product-design repository where you will find the original SVG's. Follow the Icon Guidelines for details on how to create, export, and add new icons to product-design and stratus repositories.

Repo: component-library

Once your icon is added to the product-design repo under the /icons/icons-exports/ folder and all instructions are followed it is ready to be converted to our React format in this component-library repo.

1. Install dependencies

run yarn install from the root of your component-library folder.

This should install the svgo dependency which is required in order to clean and compile the SVGs. If svgo does not install, you can install it globally on your machine with the command npm install -g svgo

2. Create a new branch

Run the git checkout -b <branchname> command or create a new branch via the graphical git tool of your choice.

3. Run the update icons script

The product-design repo will be pulled in using the svgtoreact.sh script

*** NOTE: The product-design repo should be up to date and located within the same parent folder as component library before running this command ***

Run yarn update-icons in the root folder of component-library

The list of SVG's will be extracted and converted into React components based on the file names provided. They will be added under ../component-icon/src/reactsvgs/.

Additional files touched may include iconTypes.js and /reactsvgs/index.js

4. Push up the changes and create a PR to main.

After review, your new icon will be merged into the repository and be available for use shortly!

Note: Stratus repository README may also be valuable.




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