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CleverTap Signed Call React Native SDK

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👋 Introduction

The CleverTap's Signed Call React Native SDK provides an in-app calls service to make and receive calls in the mobile apps if the device has an internet connection and Signed Call React Native SDK.

To know more about the Signed Call feature, refer to Signed Call.

To get started, sign up here.

🚀 Install and Integration

  • To add the CleverTap Signed Call React Native SDK to your project, run below command on terminal:
npm install @clevertap/clevertap-signed-call-react-native
  • Now, in your TypeScript or JavaScript code, you can use:
import SignedCall from '@clevertap/clevertap-signed-call-react-native';

📑 Documentation & Example

🆕 Changelog

Refer to the Signed Call React Native SDK Change Log.


If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to the CleverTap support team from the CleverTap Dashboard.

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