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Clever Garden Starter Kit

This project is a package of usefull gulp tasks for static project.

It contains every tools for implementing our best practicesrequired in our static project at Clever Age.

Each tool has a dedicated documentation about his use in our context. This documentation is edited in Markdown format and available in docs directory of this repository.

Initialize your project

  1. Initialize git git init (or clone your project repository if existing yet).
  2. Initialize your project with npm init.
  3. Install the GSK npm install cleverage/garden-starter-kit#next (next is branch for v3 alpha).
  4. Run gsk command. It will ask you which html and css engine you want (Twig and Sass by default). Then it will install required dependencies for these engines and prepare some files in your project

⚠ You won’t be able to change these choices later.

  1. You can commit your change and start your project.

Engine choices informations