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This project is still in progress. Check the next steps to see the path to the first stable version.

Clappr HTML5 TVs playback

A Clappr HTML5 playback for smart TVs devices that implement the HbbTV 2.0.1 specs.


  • Supports VoD and Live content;
    • Current mime types: [video/mp4, application/vnd.apple.mpegurl, application/vnd.ms-sstr+xml, application/dash+xml].
  • Supports DRM content;


The options for the playback must be placed in the html5TvsPlayback property as shown below:

var player = new Clappr.Player({
  source: 'http://your.video/here.mp4',
  plugins: [HTML5TVsPlayback],
  html5TvsPlayback: {
    drm: {
      licenseServerURL: 'https://my-license-server.com/keys/my-key',
      xmlLicenceAcquisition: '<WRMHEADER xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/DRM/2007/03 PlayReadyHeader" version=""><DATA><PROTECTINFO><ALGID>AESCTR</ALGID><KEYLEN>16</KEYLEN></PROTECTINFO><KID>base64-encoded kid</KID><CHECKSUM>checksum of the content key for verification</CHECKSUM><LA_URL>URL for license acquisition</LA_URL></DATA></WRMHEADER>',

drm {Object}

Group all DRM-related config. The currently available configs are:

  • licenseServerURL {String}

    The license server URL used on the license acquisition. Only used to do the post acquisition.

  • xmlLicenceAcquisition {String}

    The part of XML that contains all necessary info to do the full challenge of license acquisition. See more about the PlayReady Header Specification here.

API Documentation

Playback API

static method arguments description
  • {String} - resourceUrl
  • {String} - mimeType (optional)
Returns a {Boolean} response accordingly to the given media URL (resourceUrl). If a mimeType is provided then this will be used instead of inferring the mimetype via the given URL.
instance method arguments description
playback.load {String} - resourceUrl Loads the media on the video element creating one <source> element inside it with the received source URL.
playback.play Begins/resume playback of the media.
playback.pause Pauses the media playback.
playback.stop Stops the media playback. This implies on the removing the src attribute from the video element and calling the load() method without a valid source to stop downloading the source that was removed.
playback.seek {Number} - time in seconds Updates the media playback position with the received value.
playback.destroy Removes the video component from the DOM.
playback.getCurrentTime (deprecated) This method only exists for backward compatibility reasons. Prefer currentTime getter.
playback.getDuration (deprecated) This method only exists for backward compatibility reasons. Prefer duration getter.
playback.isPlaying (deprecated) This method only exists for backward compatibility reasons. Prefer playing getter.
playback.getPlaybackType (deprecated) This method only exists for backward compatibility reasons. Prefer mediaType getter.
playback.switchAudioTrack {String} - track id Updates the current audio track to the one with the provided id.
getter description response
playback.config Returns the options.html5TvsPlayback value. {Object}
playback.mediaType Returns if the media is live or vod. {String}
playback.isReady Indicates if the video is ready to play, checking if HTMLMediaElement.readyState is greater than or equal HAVE_CURRENT_DATA value. {Boolean}
playback.playing Indicates if the video is playing or not. {Boolean}
playback.currentTime Returns the position the media is at the current moment. {Number} - time in seconds
playback.duration Returns the duration of the current media. {Number} - time in seconds
playback.ended Indicates whether the media has finished playing. {Boolean}
playback.buffering Indicates whether the media on the buffering state. {Boolean}
playback.audioTracks Returns a list of audio tracks currently available. {AudioTrack[]}
playback.currentAudioTrack Returns the audio track currenlty in use. {AudioTrack}
playback.isLive Indicates whether the media is a live content. {Boolean}
playback.minimumDvrSizeConfig Returns options.playback.minimumDvrSize if is configured and is a valid value. {Number}
playback.dvrSize Returns playback.minimumDvrSizeConfig if is a valid value or one default value. (Currently, is 60 seconds) {Number}
playback.dvrEnabled Indicates whether the live media is on DVR state. {Boolean}
playback.playbackType Returns if the type of media when this property was not change the value is live or vod. {String}
playback.sourceMedia Returns a media url in use. {String}
setter description parameter
playback.playbackType Set the new value of playback.playbackType property. {String}



 * An object representing a single audio track.
 * @typedef {Object} AudioTrack
 * @property {String} id - A unique identifier for the track. Used to identify it among the others.
 * @property {String} language - The language of the track (e.g., 'en', 'pt-BR').
 * @property {String} label - An optional label to be used in the UI to describe the track.
 * @property {String} kind - The category this track belongs to (e.g., 'main', 'description').
  id: '0',
  language: 'en',
  label: 'English (audio description)',
  kind: 'description',

Next Steps

  • [x] Media with DRM;
  • [x] Live media;
  • [ ] subtitles/closed captions;
  • [x] multi-audio;
  • [ ] Advertisement;


Install dependencies: npm install

Run: npm start

Test: npm test

Lint: npm run lint

Build: npm run build

Minified version: npm run release

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