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CKEditor 5 Compiler

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Tasks used to compile CKEditor 5. More information about the project can be found at the following URL:


npm i --save-dev @ckeditor/ckeditor5-dev-compiler

There are two ways to use the compiler. Either through Gulp:


const path = require( 'path' );
const gulp = require( 'gulp' );
const compiler = require( '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-dev-compiler' );
// Options for compiler.tasks.compile() are desrcibed in lib/compiler/index.js. 
gulp.task( 'compile', () => {
    // Use an util to get all paths to CKEditor 5 dependencies. Returns an array. 
    let packagePaths = compiler.utils.getPackages( '.' );
    // Add custom packages. 
    packagePaths.push( '../some/dir/ckeditor5-my-package' );
    packagePaths.push( '/home/user/ckeditor5-my-other-package' );
    // Or define all paths manually. 
    // Note: package directory name must start with `ckeditor5-*`. 
    packagePaths = [
    // Compiler.compile returns a Promise. 
    return compiler.tasks.compile( {
            formats: {
                amd: './build/amd',
                cjs: './build/cjs',
                esnext: './esnext'
            packages: packagePaths,
            watch: true, // Whether to watch the files. 
            es5: false,  // Whether to transpile code to ES5 format. 
            ignoreDuplicates: false, // Whether to throw an error when packages are duplicated. 
            verbosity: 'info' // A level of the verbosity for logger. 
        } );
} );

or, use the script:

$ node_modules/.bin/ckeditor5-dev-compiler \
    --config=path/to/config.json \
    --watch \
    --es5 \

The --config option is required and it should be a path to the config file which contains the following fields:

  • formats – An object containing output paths for each supported format,
  • packages – An array containing paths to CKEditor 5 packages.

Example configuration:

    "formats": {
        "amd": "./build/amd",
        "cjs": "./build/cjs",
        "esnext": "./build/esnext"
    "packages": [

By default compiler throws an error when there are duplicates in the given package list. You can ignore this error using the --ignore-duplicates option. Duplicated packages may occur if there are conflicts in requested versions of a single package (so npm installed it more than once) or when one of the packages is installed in the development mode (as a cloned repository). Note: package names are read based on the directory names, so they must end with ckeditor5-*.


Licensed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL licenses, at your choice. For full details about the license, please check the file.