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Peter Parker

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With great power comes great hentai! Peter Parker is a powerful and lightweight hentai downloader that offers speed, simplicity, and versatility!

Example usages

In command line

# To download g/177013
sauce 177013
# or
sauce https://nhentai.net/g/177013

# To download Ishigami x Iino fancomics
sauce https://kissmanga.org/manga/tq922018

In code

const sauce = require("@chingchang9/peter-parker");

sauce("177013", {
    outputDirectory: "./myFolder"
}).then(title => console.log(`Downloaded ${ title }`)); // Downloaded [ShindoLA] METAMORPHOSIS

Peter Parker supports way more sites, listed below with their input format.


npm install -g @chingchang9/peter-parker
sauce config -o=/your/folder/path # if you want to download to a specific folder

The remaining of the installation is only necessary if you will be downloading from imgur.com

  • I have Chrome or Chromium installed

    npm install puppeteer-core@13

    Then you need to write the path of your Chrome executable to Peter Parker's config. It defaults to a typical MacOS' path, so if you are on MacOS, you are likely already done.

    If you are getting errors, or are not on MacOS, you can first check your executable path by typing chrome://version in the address bar of your Chrome, then set the config with

    sauce config -e=/your/executable/path

    Check out this StackOverflow post if you need more help finding your executable path.

  • I do NOT have Chrome or Chromium installed

    Go to the directory where Peter Parker is installed and run the following commands

    npm install puppeteer@13
    sauce config -e=


sauce <url> [option <value>]
  • Downloads the hentai at that url
  • You may receive "Invalid input!" if the url is not from a supported site
sauce config [option][=value]
  • Sets the specified option to the specified value if = is present, or outputs the current value of the specified option otherwise
    • This value will be used as the default value for all future downloads
  • Outputs the path of the config file if neither option nor value is present
Option (case insensitive) What it is Default value
--output, -o, --outputDirectory The location to save the hentai. Saves to the working directory if left empty ""
--execPath, -e, --executablePath The path to your Chrome/Chromium executable (only necessary if you are downloading from imgur) /Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome
  • Sometimes a page might fail to download due to bad internet. When this happens, Peter Parker creates the pdf without that page, and a temp file storing the pages that failed. Running sauce without any arguments checks for the temp file and continues the download from where you left off
  • Running this command when there is no temp file would terminate the program with a "No sauce given!" message
  • If you would like to start on a new download and abort the failed download, you must delete the temp file, located in your specified output folder

Supported sites

9hentai https://9hentai.to/g/NUMBER/
e-hentai https://e-hentai.org/g/UNIQUE_ID/UNIQUE_ID
hentai2read https://hentai2read.com/HENTAI_NAME
(only works for single-chapter hentai)
hentaimimi https://hentaimimi.com/view/UNIQUE_ID
imgur https://imgur.com/a/UNIQUE_ID
joyhentai https://joyhentai.com/detail/XXXXXXXoXXXXXX.html
kissmanga https://kissmanga.org/manga/MANGA_NAME
nhentai any number of 1 to 6 digits
hentaicafe SITE REMOVED
hentainexus SITE REMOVED



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