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Redux Chess

Easy-to-embed chessboard connected to a chess server.

Ready to npm install:

$ npm i @chesslablab/redux-chess


Check out this demo.

Figure 1 Figure 1. Analysis Board > Start Position

Figure 2 Figure 2. Opening Search > ECO Code

Figure 3 Figure 3. Heuristics of a game

Figure 4 Figure 4. Play a Friend

Figure 5 Figure 5. Play Computer


Thank you for your interest in this exciting project! Redux Chess is "just a chessboard" as lightweight as it can possibly be. It requires this chess server up and running as well as this chess API.

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { Chess } from '@chesslablab/redux-chess';

const props = {
  api: {
    prot: 'https',
    host: 'pchess.net',
    port: '443'
  server: {
    prot: 'wss',
    host: 'pchess.net',
    port: '8443'

  <Chess props={props} />,

Redux Chess sends messages to a WebSocket server. Make sure the WebSocket server is running on localhost as described next.

$ php cli/wss-server.php
Welcome to PHP Chess Server
Commands available:
/accept {"jwt":"<string>"} Accepts a request to play a game.
/draw {"action":["accept","decline","propose"]} Allows to offer a draw.
/heuristics Takes a balanced heuristic picture of the current game.
/heuristics_bar {"fen":"<string>","variant":"<string>"} Takes an expanded heuristic picture of the current position.
/gm Returns a computer generated response to the current position.
/leave {"action":["accept"]} Allows to leave a game.
/legal_sqs {"position":"<string>"} Returns the legal squares of a piece.
/online_games Returns the online games waiting to be accepted.
/play_lan {"color":"<string>","lan":"<string>"} Plays a chess move in long algebraic notation.
/randomizer {"turn":"<string>","items":"<string>"} Starts a random position.
/rematch {"action":["accept","decline","propose"]} Allows to offer a rematch.
/resign {"action":["accept"]} Allows to resign a game.
/restart {"hash":"<string>"} Restarts a game.
/start {"variant":["960","capablanca80","capablanca100","classical"],"mode":["analysis","gm","fen","pgn","play","stockfish"],"add":{"color":["w","b"],"fen":"<string>","movetext":"<string>","settings":"<string>","startPos":"<string>"}} Starts a new game.
/stockfish {"options":{"Skill Level":"int"},"params":{"depth":"int"}} Returns Stockfish's response to the current position.
/takeback {"action":["accept","decline","propose"]} Allows to manage a takeback.
/undo Undoes the last move.

Listening to commands...

Also, it sends HTTP requests to a REST API that needs to be setup as described in the README.md file.


The MIT License.


See the contributing guidelines.

Happy learning and coding! Thank you, and keep it up.


npm i @chesslablab/redux-chess

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