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    Use Chakra UI in your Storybook stories.

    This Plugin wraps each of your stories with ChakraProvider which can be configured using Storybook parameters.



    yarn add -D @chakra-ui/storybook-addon


    npm i -D @chakra-ui/storybook-addon

    Add the addon to your configuration in .storybook/main.js and disable the emotion alias (available with Storybook >6.4).

    module.exports = {
      addons: ["@chakra-ui/storybook-addon"],
      features: {
        emotionAlias: false,

    Configuring ChakraProvider

    If you need to customize the props passed to ChakraProvider for your stories (to use a custom theme, for example), you'll need to create custom Storybook parameters.

    To set global parameters for this addon, add a chakra object to the parameters export in .storybook/preview.js:

    import myTheme from "../theme"
    export const parameters = {
      chakra: {
        theme: myTheme,

    The chakra parameters take the same shape as the props for ChakraProvider. See the ChakraProvider props table to see the list of possible parameters.

    Overriding ChakraProvider configuration for individual components or stories

    Storybook allows you to define parameters at multiple levels: global, component, and story. We recommend setting default parameters at the global level, and overriding them at the component or story when necessary. See the Storybook Parameters documentation for more information.

    Color Mode Tool

    You will be able to toggle your color mode with the button in the toolbar. It tries to sync with your theme through the localstorage key.

    Story Controls for Theme Components

    Get controls for the theming props variant, size and colorScheme in your stories with getThemingArgTypes(theme, componentName).

    import { Meta, StoryFn } from "@storybook/react"
    import { getThemingArgTypes } from "@chakra-ui/storybook-addon"
    import { theme } from "<your-theme>"
    export default {
      title: "Components / Forms / Button",
      // get controls for `variant`, `size` and `colorScheme`
      argTypes: getThemingArgTypes(theme, "Button"),
    } as Meta
    interface StoryProps extends ThemingProps<"Button"> {}
    export const Basic: StoryFn<StoryProps> = (props) => (
      <Button {...props}>Button</Button>

    This will render input fields to choose the theming prop values:

    Storybook screenshot with controls tab


    npm i @chakra-ui/storybook-addon

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