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Ganache setup with core Celo contracts for local testing and development. Now supports node18.


> npm install --save-dev @celo/celo-devchain
> npx celo-devchain --port 7545
# Run sanity tests and print all core contract addresses:
> npx @celo/celo-devchain --test

NOTE: @celo/ganache-cli currently doesn't support locally signed transactions. If you send a locally signed transaction it will throw: Error: Number can only safely store up to 53 bits error and crash. Thus you have to make sure your ContractKit doesn't actually have the private keys for test addresses and send transactions to be signed by ganache-cli itself.

Example code that uses this package: https://github.com/zviadm/celo-hellocontracts

Chain Data

Chain data in ./chains folder is generated using steps described here: https://docs.celo.org/developer-guide/development-chain.

# Start with a fresh checkout to avoid build complications.
> git clone https://github.com/celo-org/celo-monorepo.git
> git fetch --all --tags
> git tag -l core-contracts*
> git checkout tags/core-contracts.v{version}

# Yarn commands can take a while to run.
> yarn
> yarn build

> cd packages/protocol
# NOTE: The following command is based on the number of migrations available in the protocol package. 
# At some point the desired `--upto` flag can change based on changes in core-contracts, 
# thus you might have to adjust it too, depending on which version of core-contracts
# you are attempting to build.
> yarn devchain generate-tar .tmp/devchain.tar.gz --migration_override ../dev-utils/src/migration-override.json --upto 28 --release_gold_contracts scripts/truffle/releaseGoldExampleConfigs.json

Contracts Artifatcs

Contracts artifacts in ./contracts should be updated with every contract release. They are generated by generated by building the protocol package and copying over the contracts build artifacts.

You can also use celo-devchain with custom generated chain data:

> npx celo-devchain --file <path to custom chain data>




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