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    What is this repository for?

    • cstar-stylelint contains the config file for CashStar's Stylelint rules.
    • Version: 1.0

    How can I run this in my app?

    If you want to create a Gulp task, there is an annotated example gulp.js file in this repo for reference (from the auditor app).

    Things to keep in mind

    • These rules are set up to run on your code before it compiles. If you run this on compiled code, you will see formatting errors.

    • Don't lint your 3rd party libraries. This linter is meant for use on code written internally at CashStar only.

    • Be mindful of your file structure so you can point the linter to the correct place to ignore 3rd party libraries, compiled code, etc.

    What rules are included?

    You can check out the .stylelintrc.json in this repo for the current set of rules and cross-reference them to the official Stylelint rules page.

    We are closely following our current CSS Style Guide for these rules.


    npm i @cashstar/cstar-stylelint

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