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    Job queuing plugin for Cardstack

    This plugin is for queueing jobs with cardstack hub. It uses pg-boss and by extension, postgresql, to manage queued jobs,

    Required database configuration

    The test suite is configured to talk to a PostgreSQL docker container. You can start it like:

    docker run --name cardstack-postgres -d --rm -p 5432:5432 cardstack/pg-test

    And stop it like:

    docker stop cardstack-postgres


    Assuming you've looked up the queues feature from DI etc, e.g.

    let queue = env.lookup('hub:queues');

    You can subscribe to a job by passing in a handler:

    queue.subscribe('my-job', handler, options);

    Options are passed directly to pg boss.

    Handlers can be sync or async:

    queue.subscribe('my-job', () => console.log("sync handler") );
    queue.subscribe('my-job', () => { return new Promise() } );
    queue.subscribe('my-job', async () => { await stuff(); console.log('done') });

    You can then publish jobs to the named queues.

    To publish without waiting for the job to complete, use the publish method:

      let jobId = await queue.publish('my-job', {someDataForJob: 123}, options);
      // this line executes after the job gets to the db, but before it is executed

    To publish and wait for the job to complete, use the publishAndWait method:

      let jobResult = await queue.publishAndWait('my-job', {someDataForJob: 123}, options);
      // this line executes after the job is completed


    npm i @cardstack/queue

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