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JS Library for communication with Ledger Hardware Wallets. This library is compatible with the Cardano ADA Ledger Application.

Note: this project comes with both Typescript and Flow type definitions, but only the Typescript ones are checked for correctness.

Example code

Example code interacting with hw-app-cardano is provided in example-node directory. You can execute it with the yarn run-example command.


Automated tests are provided. There are two types of tests

  1. yarn test-integration. Tests JS API and integration with the physical Ledger device.

    • yarn test-speculos. Runs the test-integration test against the Speculos emulator.
  2. yarn device-self-test. Runs tests defined in the application code of the Ledger application, requires development build of the application.

    • yarn device-self-test-speculos. Runs yarn device-self-test on Speculos (useful because the full app in debug mode with self-tests does not fit on Nano S).

Note that for these tests it is advisable to install the developer build of the Cardano app with headless mode enabled unless you want to verify the UI flows, otherwise you will need a significant amount of time to manually confirm all prompts on the device.


To run the Speculos emulator, you first need to install it. The Speculos documentation should take you through the installation process. After installing you can start the emulator with the correct seed: speculos /path/to/your/ledger-app-cardano-shelley/bin/app.elf --seed "abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon about" --display headless Note: replace /path/to/your/ledger-app-cardano-shelley/bin/app.elf with a path to the app.elf file of the Cardano ledger app. This will start the emulator with a TCP server listening on port 9999 for APDU messages and a web interface running on port 5000 (http://localhost:5000) which can be used to interact with the app. The --display headless option just hides any window UI.


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