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    A tool for upgrading Carbon versions

    Getting started

    To install @carbon/upgrade in your project, you will need to run the following command using npm:

    npm install -S @carbon/upgrade

    If you prefer Yarn, use the following command instead:

    yarn add @carbon/upgrade


    You can install @carbon/upgrade in your project, or use a tool like npx by running the following command in your project:

    # Runs the command in "dry" mode, which means no files are altered.
    # To update the files, re-run the command without the `-d` flag.
    npx @carbon/upgrade -d

    Below is a full output of the options and commands available:

    Usage: carbon-upgrade [options]
      carbon-upgrade                            run to upgrade your project[default]
      carbon-upgrade migrate <package> <from>   run a specific migration for a
      <to>                                      package
      --help        Show help                                              [boolean]
      --version     Show version number                                    [boolean]
      --verbose     display the full output while running a command [default: false]
      --dry, -d     view the result of running this command without changing any
                    files                                           [default: false]
      --ignore, -i  provide a glob pattern for directories you would like ignored
                                                                       [default: ""]

    🙌 Contributing

    We're always looking for contributors to help us fix bugs, build new features, or help us improve the project documentation. If you're interested, definitely check out our Contributing Guide! 👀

    📝 License

    Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


    npm i @carbon/upgrade

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