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    Best in-app learning experience.



    TODO update readme if up to date info Install it using node or yarn npm install @candulabs/eventing or with yarn if you prefer yarn add @candulabs/eventing


    The SDK is made of three functions:

    • Init
    • Identify
    • Track

    Init is used to create a singleton object of the client. We discourage re-initializing the client every time, as it risks creating less efficient memory management and race conditions. After initializing the client, you’ll be able to use the identify and track functions.


    To get started, just run create a new client

    const client = Candu.init('<MY_API_KEY>')

    Because the SDK is a singleton, you’ll need to store a reference to the client object that you have created.


    Identify is used to record the identity of a client. The Identify call is fundamental to receive the videos that a customer should get, as well as updating his information. You should do an identify call everytime you load a page since this call will download and refresh the result list.

    client.identify(userId[, traits ])

    userId is the user identifier that you want to track. This identifier will be stored in order to be used again for the track calls. traits is an object containing all the user properties you want to record about the user.

    Tracking an event

    Tracking events is easy.

    candu.track(eventName [, properties])

    The function track takes the following parameters:

    Parameter name Description
    eventName The name of the event you want to track.
    properties Any additional properties you want to track.




    npm i @candulabs/eventing

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