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CandleFW Hydrocarbon

Parses HC Grammars.

HC grammar - based on BNS syntax

View template.hgc for info on the syntax.



compile <hydrocarbon_grammar_file>

Compiles a JavaScript parser from a HydroCarbon grammar file, an optional HCGStates file, and an optional ENV.js file.

Output Path

-o, --output <path> Optional output location. Defaults to current directory. --statesout, Output a *.hcs file.

States File

[-s | --states] <states>
Use a *.hcs file from a previous compilation instead of a compiling the grammar file.

Environment File

[-e | --env] <path>
Optional JavaScript file containing parsing environment information.


[-m | --mount]
Mounts the compiled parser in the current NodeJS context and allows interactive parsing of user input.

Grammar Name

[-n | --name] <output_name>, The name to give to the output file. Defaults to the name of the grammar file.

Skip Output

[-d | --noout]
Skip writing to file.


[-c |--compress ] Minify output file.

Unattended Compilation

[-u |--unattended]
Do not wait for user input. Exit to console when compilation is complete. Quits on any error.

Generated File Type

[-t |--type] <type> Type of file to output.The type can be: "mjs" - ( * .mjs) A module file for use with the modern ES2016 module syntax. "cjs" - ( * .c.js) A CommonJS module for use with NodeJS and other consumers of CommonJS. "js" - ( * .js)[Default] A regular JavaScript file that can be embedded in HTML.The parser will be available as a global value.The name of the global object will be same as the output file name.

Parser Type

--parser <parser> The type of compiler that hydrocarbon will create. Select from lalr1 and earling


npm i @candlefw/hydrocarbon

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