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    JSON Serialize

    This module uses the ES modules feature and requires Node v8.15.0+. Please refer to Node's documentation to read more on how to enable this functionality in your environment.

    Provides serialization classes to provide 'pretty' and 'ugly' output with the same interface to allow swapping easily. Also serializes some additional inputs that the regular JSON.stringify doesn't:

    • serializes RegExp objects into strings
    • serializes NaN, Infinity and -Infinity into strings
    • optionally serializes cyclic references as JSON pointers, see Serializer.cycles

    If you're only looking for a 'pretty' JSON output please use the third argument of JSON.stringify instead. It is the standard and also runs a bit faster, see benchmarking below.


    npm i @calmdownval/json-serialize


    • Serializer.serialize(obj)
      Serializes the object into a JSON string.

    • Serializer.infiniteNumbers
      defaults to false
      When enabled serializes infinite numbers and NaN into strings.

    • Serializer.regexes
      defaults to false
      When enabled serializes RegExp instances into strings.

    • Serializer.cycles
      defaults to false
      When a circular reference is detected the serializer will either throw an Error or, in case this option is set to true, an absolute JSON pointer to the referenced object.

    • PrettySerializer.indent
      defaults to 2
      Consistent with the third argument of JSON.stringify: the string to indent with which can be up to 10 characters long. Longer strings will be sliced. If set to a number specifies to use that amount of space characters - also clamped to 10.

    • PrettySerializer.lineBreak
      defaults to line feed (\n)
      The sequence to break lines with.

    • PrettySerializer.bracketsOwnLine
      defaults to false
      Whether object & array opening brackets go on separate lines.

    • PrettySerializer.spaceBeforeColon
      defaults to false
      Whether to insert an extra space before colons in objects.


    import { Serializer, PrettySerializer } from '@calmdownval/json-serialize';
    const data =
            { abc : 123 }
    new Serializer().serialize(data);
    /* returns:
    // create a cycle
    // change behavior with cycles
    const json = new PrettySerializer();
    json.cylces = true;
    /* returns:
        "abc": 123
        "$ref": "#"


    Make sure to first install dev dependencies.

    npm test


    Make sure to first install dev dependencies.

    npm run benchmark

    Should output something like:

    JSON.stringify        x 332,154 ops/sec ±0.77% (88 runs sampled)
    Serializer            x 321,410 ops/sec ±0.39% (92 runs sampled)
    JSON.stringify pretty x 293,668 ops/sec ±0.47% (91 runs sampled)
    PrettySerializer      x 281,292 ops/sec ±0.47% (89 runs sampled)


    npm i @calmdownval/json-serialize

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