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    Build Serverless


    Building for serverless

    Node.js package for transpiling source code for AWS SAM(AWS Serverless) for integration with AWS Lambda & AWS API Gateway using AWS sam-cli from your nodejs project.

    Since AWS Lambda officially only supports Node.js 12.x runtime, This package helps in converting ES6 source to es2015 node.js code to be used by sam build


    This package transpiles ES6 node.js code using @babel/cli to native node.js code to be used with sam build of aws sam-cli tool.

    The package supports both programatical and cli interface.


    To use cli interface run the below command from the root directory of the project.

    $ npx @cactus-tech/build-serverless -o <dir-name> [options]

    Run the following command to get the see other options available.

    $ npx @cactus-tech/build-serverless --help
    build-serverless -o <dir-name> [options]
          --version              Show version number                                                                                                                               [boolean]
      -o, --output-dir           name of output dir for compiled code                                                                                                    [string] [required]
      -s, --source-dir           source code directory                                                                                                             [string] [default: "src"]
      -n, --service-name         name of the microservice                                                                                            [string] [default: "your service name"]
      -d, --service-description  description of the microservice                                                                                 [string] [default: "your description here"]
      -c, --copy-files           list of files to copy to output dir
                                                  [array] [default: [".env",".eslintrc.json",".eslintignore",".babelrc",".prettierrc",".prettierignore","package.json","package-lock.json"]]
          --help                 Show help                                                                                                                                         [boolean]

    It needs a dirname for the output code, serverless- is appended to the output dirname automatically. Then it complies the code using babel and copies all the files from the source-dir mentioned using the --source-dir flag. All files present in the source-dir directory will be copied to output-dir, if any other files are required to be copied they need to be added using the --copy-files flag.


    This example demonstrates compiling .js files from src/ folder and output it into example directory. also copying .env, .babelrc, package.json files are explictly copied to the output directory.

     $ npx build-serverless --output-dir example --source-dir src --copy-files .env .babelrc package.json --service-name 'service name' --service-description 'service description'



    $ npm install @cactus-tech/build-serverless

    To use the package programmatically, this package also exposes an api for integrating with other programs.

    const buildServerless = require("@cactus-tech/build-serverless");

    The buildServerless class takes the following parameters for it's constructor and exposes init() method.

    const buildServerless = new BuildServerless({
      outputDir: "example",
      sourceDir: "src",
      copyFiles: [".env",".babelrc","package.json"],
      serviceName: "service name",
      serviceDescription: "service description",
    (async () => {
      try {
        await buildServerless.init();
      } catch (error) {}

    It also generates template.yaml file in the root directory and a lambda.js file in the output-dir.


    npm i @cactus-tech/build-serverless

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