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The application package (@c8y/apps) provides example applications for the Web SDK.

Getting started

To use the @c8y/apps you need to install the @c8y/cli. Refer to its documentation for installation instructions. Once installed you can run:

$ c8ycli new [your-app-name] [example-name]

For example, to generate the tutorial application with the name my-app you need to run:

$ c8ycli new my-app tutorial

The c8ycli new command can also be provided on its own without the [name] and [template] options. In this case a few steps will have to be completed via the interface before the app is scaffolded:

Step 1:

? Enter the name of the project: (my-application)

The first step will ask for the project name. If no project name is entered, the default value my-application will be used.

Info: This step can also be skipped if the name is provided in the initial command: c8ycli new my-application.

Step 2:

? Which base version do you want to scaffold from? (Use arrow keys)
> 1010.0.X (latest)
> 1011.X.0 (next)
> 1011.0.X
> 1009.0.X
> 1007.0.X
> 1006.0.X
> other

In the second step, the base scaffolding version must be selected. The interface will provide the last GA release (latest), the latest available release (next) and four older GA releases. Additionally a version can be manually entered by selecting the other option.

Step 2 (other):

? Enter the desired version:

In this step, the desired version must be entered manually e.g. 1010.0.0.

Info: This question will appear only if other was selected in the previous step.

Step 3:

? Which base project do you want to scaffold from?

In the final step, the base project to scaffold from must be selected.

Info: This step will only show projects which are available for the selected version in Step 2.

Included applications

The following table provides an overview on the currently supported applications:

Name Description
application An empty application to quickly bootstrap new applications. It is the default application and used if you don't specify an [example-name].
hybrid Also an empty application but running in hybrid mode. That means it can import angularjs plugins and therefore can be used for migration purpose.
tutorial An application that already assembles most of the concepts of the @c8y/ngx-components. Use this to get real code examples.
widget-plugin An Module Federation plugin that can be used to create your own custom widgets.
package-blueprint A blueprint (template) for an application which can be uploaded as a package and acts as a starting point for a custom application.
cockpit The Cockpit default application. Use this to extend the existing Cockpit application.
devicemanagement The Devicemanagement default application. Use this to extend the existing Device Management application.
administration The Administration default application. Use this to extend the existing Administration application.

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