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A modernization of matcha, powered by Benchmark.js. I found Matcha super useful over the years, but it has issues with accuracy, doesn't support promises or work with Node 12, and is apparently abandoned. We fix those here!

Demonstration video of the matcha command line


npm install --global @c4312/matcha

Then you can create a file and bench functions, for instance if you have a my-bench.js:

const arr = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10];

bench('forEach', () => arr.forEach(v => (sum += v)));

bench('for-of loop', () => {
  for (const v of arr) {
    sum += v;

Then, simply run:

matcha my-bench.js

Command-Line Options

Usage: matcha [options] <file>

  -V, --version              output the version number
  -g, --grep <pattern>       Run a subset of benchmarks (default: "")
  -R, --reporter <reporter>  Specify the reporter to use (default: "pretty")
  --cpu-profile [pattern]    Run on all tests, or those matching the regex.
                             Saves a .cpuprofile file that can be opened in the Chrome devtools.
  --reporters                Display available reporters
  -h, --help                 output usage information

Async Benchmarks

You can return promises from your benchmarks and take callbacks:

bench('plain fs', callback => readFile(__filename, callback));
bench('promisifed fs', async () => await readFileAsync(__filename));


You can set any benchmark.js option via the set() helper. You can also have async setup and teardown methods.

// in a promise:
set('setup', async () => {
  await waitUntilPageIsLoaded();

// or a callback:
set('teardown', callback => closePage(callback));

// as well as base options:
set('maxTime', 1);
set('minSamples', 2000);

Nested Suites

Multiple benchmark suites can be nested. Options, including setup and teardown, are inherited, chained, and overridden.

set('setup', globalPrepare);

// globalPrepare() run before:
bench('a', runA);

// globalPrepare() and nestedPrepare() run before
// these, and they run for 1 second at most:
suite('nested', () => {
  set('setup', nestedPrepare);
  set('maxTime', 1);
  bench('b', runB);


You can use the Matcha API programmatically:

const { GatherReporter, benchmark } = require('@c4312/benchmark');

// A reporter that just stores results in an array:
const reporter = new GatherReporter();

await benchmark({
  prepare(api) {
    // The standard API as described above!
    api.bench('myFunction', fn);

    // This function may be async and return a promise,
    // which we'll wait for before we start benchmarking.

for (const result of reporter.results) {
  console.log('Benchmark', result.name, 'runs at', result.hz, 'ops/sec');




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