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    Automate new releases for node.js projects on the command line.

    A new release is defined as:

    1. An incremental increase to the version property in the package.json and package-lock.json files.
    2. A commit of the two json files with a descriptive message about the reason for the version bump.
    3. The optional creation of a tag with a descriptive message.


    npm install --global @bzelip/bump

    This will install bump globally so that it can be run from the command line.


    There are two main commands:

    1. bump <strategy> <message>
    2. bump undo


    Bump your version based on a strategy, and include a description of the reason for the bump in the generated commit message.

    bump <strategy> <message>
    strategy (string, required)
    strategy for the version bump
    • major

    • minor

    • patch

    message (string, required)
    description of the reason for the version bump, to be appended to the generated commit message


    # current version 0.4.0
    bump minor "create custom slider"
    🍑: Successfully minor bumped version to 0.5.0 with the commit message:
    "package*: v0.5.0 Bump minor for create custom slider 🎉"

    Note bump does not push, it only commits locally.


    Undo a bump.

    bump undo

    This command is an alias for running:

    git reset HEAD~
    git checkout -- package*

    Note Be sure to only use bump undo immediately after bump <strategy> <message> to have the desired action.


    • your project is git tracked
    • you are following Semantic Versioning
    • your current working directory includes both package.json and package-lock.json files


    • [ ] add the create tag with message option
    • [ ] add tests

    My release protocol

    My current release protocol includes:

    • git
    • a Semantic Versioning approach
    • a
    • once a feature branch's work is finalized and documented in
      1. open package.json, bump the version accordingly
      2. open package-lock.json, bump the version accordingly
      3. commit with message of the form package*: v${version} ${strategy} bump for ${message} 🎉
      4. TODO: create new tag with command of the form: tag v${version} -m ${message}
      5. push to remote, and start the PR process (do this manually after bump.js)
      6. push new tag to remote (do this manually after bump.js)


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