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BUX: JS Client

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What is BUX?

Read more about BUX


Install all npm packages

$ make install

See more scripts in the package.json file or the makefile.

There is a peer dependency on the bsv library. This version of the JS BUX client supports version 1.x of the bsv library.


Here's the getting started with BUX

import bsv from 'bsv';
import { BuxClient } from 'js-buxclient';

const server = "http://localhost:3003/v1";
const transportType = 'http'; // or graphql
const xPriv = bsv.HDPrivateKey.fromRandom();

const buxClient = new BuxClient(server, {
  signRequest: true,

const recipients = [{
  to: "test@handcash.io",
  satoshis: 10000,
const result = await buxClient.SendToRecipients(recipients, { agent: 'Bux test' })


View more BUX documentation.

Connection options

Option Description
accessKeyString Hex private part of an access key string
debug Whether to turn debugging on boolean
signRequest Whether to sign all requests sent to the server boolean
transportType Transport type to use for server requests "http" or "graphql"
xPriv bsv HDPrivateKey instance
xPrivString HD Private key string "xprv....."
xPub bsv HD Public key instance
xPubString HD Public key string "xpub....."

Connection as a BUX admin

You can add the admin key to the BUX client after initialisation to support admin requests (IE: registering an xPub).

const adminKey = 'xprv.....';

Library Deployment

Releases are automatically created when you create a new git tag!

If you want to manually make releases, please install GoReleaser:

goreleaser for easy binary or library deployment to Github and can be installed:

  • using make: make install-releaser
  • using brew: brew install goreleaser

The .goreleaser.yml file is used to configure goreleaser.

Automatic Releases on Tag Creation (recommended)

Automatic releases via Github Actions from creating a new tag:

make tag version=1.2.3

Manual Releases (optional)

Use make release-snap to create a snapshot version of the release, and finally make release to ship to production (manually).

Makefile Commands

View all makefile commands

make help

List of all current commands:

audit                         Checks for vulnerabilities in dependencies
clean                         Remove previous builds and any test cache data
help                          Show this help message
install                       Installs the dependencies for the package
install-all-contributors      Installs all contributors locally
outdated                      Checks for outdated packages via npm
publish                       Will publish the version to npm
release                       Full production release (creates release in Github)
release                       Run after releasing - deploy to npm
release-snap                  Test the full release (build binaries)
release-test                  Full production test release (everything except deploy)
replace-version               Replaces the version in HTML/JS (pre-deploy)
tag                           Generate a new tag and push (tag version=0.0.0)
tag-remove                    Remove a tag if found (tag-remove version=0.0.0)
tag-update                    Update an existing tag to current commit (tag-update version=0.0.0)
test                          Will run unit tests
update-contributors           Regenerates the contributors html/list

Code Standards

Please read our code standards document


View the contributing guidelines and follow the code of conduct.

How can I help?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌! The most basic way to show your support is to star 🌟 the project, or to raise issues 💬. You can also support this project by becoming a sponsor on GitHub 👏 or by making a bitcoin donation to ensure this journey continues indefinitely! 🚀


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