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    What's this package for?

    It's for building and bundling your applications.

    Setting up a build for a project is a time consuming task. If you're working on many projects that share a similar setup then it might be worth to join their build tools together to have a standarized way of building the applications. This way you can reduce the complexity of the projects by delegating the responsibility of the builds into one place, it also simplifies code migrations when new standards show up.

    The package tries to follow the best community practices available and is expected to be used internally in all buxlabs projects.

    How should a good build process look like?

    A good build process should save your time and help you build apps smoothly. It should:

    • have an easy setup,
    • start quickly,
    • rebuild quickly,
    • reload code on demand,
    • analyze your code and suggest improvements,
    • build code that is as close as possible to production code

    How different it is from other tools?

    This package should be seen as an opinionated build tool, similar to create-react-app. It is an layer of abstraction used on top of current build tools that tries to consolidate some of them in one place.

    It also encourages a minimalistic test driven approach.

    How can I add it to my project?

    npm install @buxlabs/build-tools

    Then inside of the scripts section in package.json add:

    "scripts: {
      "build": "buxlabs-build"

    How can I run it?

    To build the app run:

    npm run build


    npm i @buxlabs/build-tools

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