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This library provides the core blockchain infrastructure for running Burner Wallets.

Unlike most Burner Wallet modules, this module is framework-agnostic and written in plain Javascript. It should work fine in browsers, web workers and Node.

import { xdai, dai, eth } from '@burner-wallet/assets';
import BurnerCore from '@burner-wallet/core';
import { InjectedSigner, LocalSigner } from '@burner-wallet/core/signers';
import { InfuraGateway, InjectedGateway, XDaiGateway } from '@burner-wallet/core/gateways';

const core = new BurnerCore({
  signers: [
    new InjectedSigner(),
    new LocalSigner()
  gateways: [
    new InjectedGateway(),
    new InfuraGateway(process.env.REACT_APP_INFURA_KEY),
    new XDaiGateway(),
  assets: [xdai, dai, eth],


For full documentation, visit https://burner-wallet.readthedocs.io/

Burner Core

The root class facilitates communication between gateways, signers & assets. It also provides applications with data such as a list of current addresses.


Gateways facilitate communication with blockchain networks.

This module contains the following gateways:

  • InfuraGateway: Provides access to mainnet Ethereum and all testnets. Requires an API key
  • RivetGateway: Provides access to mainnet Ethereum and most testnets. Requires an API key
  • XDaiGateway: Provides access to xDai chain
  • HTTPGateway: Provides access to any Ethereum chain by providing a JSON-RPC URL
  • InjectedGateway: Connect to the chain provided by an injected Web3 provider
  • GSNGateway: Route transactions through Gas Station Network relayers. Supports mainnet, testnets & xDai


Signers are responsible for signing transactions and messages, as well as reporting the list of available accounts.

This module contains two signers:

  • LocalSigner: stores a private key in the browser's localstorage
  • InjectedSigner: signs using an injected web3 provider such as Metamask

An abstract class Signer is available for other modules that want to define their own signers (example: FortmaticSigner).

BurnerCore also automatically adds TempSigner. TempSigner is functionally similar to LocalSigner, and allows wallets to temporarily add a new account. This is mainly used for transfering assets while switching accounts.


Assets represent fungible assets. View the @burner-wallet/assets package for more details.




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