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A Zendesk API client library for use with node.js

node-zendesk is a versatile gateway between Node.js and the Zendesk Customer Support Platform. Primarily designed for seamless integration with Node.js applications, it also excels in transforming, accessing, and packaging various Zendesk resources and assets. Beyond its core function, it stands ready to bridge the gap between development and Zendesk's powerful capabilities.

Read the full documentation at blakmatrix.github.io/node-zendesk/


To use the API, just do the standard

npm install --save node-zendesk


var zendesk = require('node-zendesk');
// or `import {createClient} from 'node-zendesk'` if using typescript

var client = zendesk.createClient({
  username:  'username',
  token:     'token',
  subdomain: 'subdomain'

client.users.list().then(users => {
  console.log('Total Users:', users.length);
  console.log('User Names:', users.map(user => user.name));
}).catch(error => {
  console.error(`Failed to get list of users: ${error.message}`);

Take a look in the examples folder for more examples.

Getting Started

If you're new to node-zendesk, we recommend checking out our Getting Started Guide to help you set up and familiarize yourself with the library.


If you're looking to contribute, please refer to the API Coverage Document, open an issue, or make a PR!

Tests and examples are also welcome.

Zendesk's documentation can be found here.

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