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    stack-converter is a utility for translating function names, file names and line numbers in uglified JavaScript Error stack frames to the corresponding values in the original source. stack-converter is distributed as both a package and a library and is used by the BugSplat backend to deliver crash reporting as a service for JavaScript and TypeScript applications.

    The following is an example JavaScript Error stack converted to its TypeScript equivalent using stack-converter:

    Error: BugSplat rocks!
        at crash (/Users/bobby/Desktop/bugsplat/stack-converter/dist/bin/cmd.js:16:11)
        at /Users/bobby/Desktop/bugsplat/stack-converter/dist/bin/cmd.js:6:9
        at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/bobby/Desktop/bugsplat/stack-converter/dist/bin/cmd.js:14:3)
    Error: BugSplat rocks!
        at crash (../../bin/cmd.ts:15:10)
        at <unknown> (../../bin/cmd.ts:5:8)
        at Object.<anonymous> (../../bin/cmd.ts:12:2)

    Command Line

    1. Install this package globally npm i -g @bugsplat/stack-converter
    2. Run stack-converter -h to see the latest usage information:
    bobby@BugSplat % ~ % stack-converter -h
        @bugsplat/stack-converter contains a command line utility and set of libraries to help you demangle JavaScript stack frames.
        stack-converter command line usage:
            stack-converter [ [ "/source-map-directory" OR "/" ] [ "/stack-trace.txt" ] ]
        * Optionally provide either a path to a directory containing source maps or a .map.js file - Defaults to current directory
        * Optionally provide a path to a .txt file containing a JavaScript Error stack trace - Defaults to value in clipboard
    1. Run stack-converter and optionally specify a path to a directory containing .map files, path to a single .map file, and a path to a .txt file containing a stringified JavaScript Error. If no options are provided stack-converter will default to looking in the current directory for source maps and attempt to read the stringified JavaScript error stack from the system clipboard.


    1. Install this package locally npm i @bugsplat/stack-converter
    2. Import StackConverter from @bugsplat/stack-converter
    import { StackConverter } from '@bugsplat/stack-converter';
    1. Create a new instance of StackConverter passing it an array of paths to source map files. You can also await the static factory function createFromDirectory(directory: string): Promise<StackConverter> which takes a path to a directory and creates a new StackConverter with an array of source map file paths it finds in the specified directory
    const converter = new StackConverter(sourceMapFilePaths);
    const converter = await StackConverter.createFromDirectory(directory);
    1. Await the call to convert passing it the stack property from a JavaScript Error object
    const result = await converter.convert(error.stack);

    Thanks for using BugSplat!


    npm i @bugsplat/stack-converter

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