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Buggy Package

This package includes a CLI for the Buggy tool chain.

Basic Idea

A program in Buggy can take up various different forms depending on the position in the tool chain. The following pictures illustrates the different layers.

The Buggy toolchain with its layers

Buggy CLI Interface

"project": "Sort",
"file": "sort.clj",
"library": "http://libraryserver",
"targets": [
      "dependency": "@buggyorg/codegen^0.4.0",
      "args": ["--language", "c++", "--optimized"]
"preprocessing": [
    "@buggyorg/lisgy": {
      "handles": ".clj",
      "args": ["--fast"]
    "yaml2json": {
      "handles": ".yaml",
      "runFormat": "<prog> --input <input-file> --output <output-file>"

Call it from the Commandline via:

buggy compile

Possible "Backends"

  • API
  • CLI
  • Web-Service

Definition of APIs in external programs

JSON definition of the API for a CLI-tool via <prog> --buggy-api e.g. yaml2json --buggy-api. This could result in something similar to the following:

  "name": "yaml2json",
  "binary": "/usr/bin/yaml2json",
  "description": "fancy tool with buggy api interface",
  "produces": "stdout", // or "file" ?
  "takes": "stdin", // of "file"
  "command": "yaml2json"

Create a node module that exposes its API to buggy-cli

It must have a npm target to get information about the buggy-cli interface.

> npm run buggy-cli-info
  "name": "codegenerator",
  "description": "Creates code from buggy graphs",
  "buggy-version": "0.4.0"

It also must export cliApi as a function in its main export (package.json"main"). The function cliApi must return an object of the following form:

  "name": "codegeneration",
  "produces": "code",
  "dependencies": [
    {"package": "@buggyorg/optimize", "optional": true, "activateWhen": "optimize"}

There are two different dependencies. Required dependencies are always used when the tool is used. Optional dependencies are only used when a specific option is set like optimize. The attribute activateWhen specifies the command line parameter that activates the step in the tool chain.



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