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This package is part of a monorepo, please see this README for details.

Support classes and helpers for the SendGrid NodeJS libraries

This is a collection of classes and helpers used internally by the SendGrid NodeJS libraries.

Note that not all objects represented in the SendGrid API have helper classes assigned to them because it is not expected that developers will use these classes themselves. They are primarily for internal use and developers are expected to use the publicly exposed API in the various endpoint services.

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Mail class

Used to compose a Mail object that converts itself to proper JSON for use with the SendGrid v3 API. This class supports a slightly different API to make sending emails easier in many cases by not having to deal with personalization arrays, instead offering a more straightforward interface for composing emails.

Attachment class

Used by the inbound mail parser to compose Attachment objects.

Personalization class

Used by the Mail class to compose Personalization objects.

Email address

Helper class to represent an email address with name/email. Used by both the Mail and Personalization classes to deal with email addresses of various formats.


Internal helpers that mostly speak for themselves.

How to Contribute

We encourage contribution to our libraries (you might even score some nifty swag), please see our CONTRIBUTING guide for details.


@sendgrid/helpers are guided and supported by the Twilio SendGrid Developer Experience Team.

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