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    Briza Air

    The building blocks for a custom insuretech experience


    What is it?

    Briza Air is a web components library designed to help developers create the best experience for merchants who use Briza API. It is framework-agnostic, which means it is not dependent or restricted to any one framework for implementation.

    Our design system helps agencies, developers and designers work together to build great insuretech experiences. It has been built using the principles of Atomic Design.

    Using the web components


    Run the following command using npm:

    npm install @briza/air --save

    If you prefer Yarn, use the following command instead:

    yarn add @briza/air


    Integrating the Briza Air components library to a project without a JavaScript framework is straightforward.


    Import the library to your module and define custom elements:


    When defineCustomElements() is called, it will define every component in the bundle. However, it does not run automatically and it will not be called if it is not imported and executed.

    import { defineCustomElements } from '@briza/air'


    Render Briza Air Button element in the DOM:

    <air-button type="button">Click me!</air-button>

    NOTE: The air-button component example demonstrates how to assign HTML attributes and pass data as a slot. Render Briza Air Select element in the DOM:



    You can find prop interfaces on the documentation page under each component's section usage.

    const airSelectElement = document.querySelector('air-select');
    airSelectElement.options = {
      { value: '1', label: 'Item 1' },
      { value: '2', label: 'Item 2' },
      { value: '3', label: 'Item 3' },
      { value: '4', label: 'Item 4' },


    Briza Air provides custom events with the prefix air-.

    const airSelectElement = document.querySelector('air-select')
    airSelectElement.addEventListener('air-change', function (event) {
      console.log('Emitted data: ', event.detail)

    Styling and customization


    To speed up customizing Briza Air's global look and feel to fit your visual identity, Briza Air provides a theme file housing global variables affecting color, typography, and spacing. Download this theme file, edit (editing overwrites the variables) and include it in your project.


    You can use these theme stylesheets in the following ways.

    HTML Embed

    Include your CSS file (available in the application styles folder) into index.html.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/styles/theme.css" />
    Import into module

    Import into a required module.

    import '/styles/theme.css'

    Component customization

    Briza Air provides the ability to customize component properties such as size (width, height), spacing (margin, padding), typography, colors. You can download the collection of each file.


    Single CSS files for each component can be downloaded at their respective component page.

    Every component has a list of variables that can be defined and overwritten to match your brand guidelines. You should include these styles in your application's main CSS file.

    :root {
      --air-color-white: #ffffff;
      --air-color-accent: #8a2be2;
      --air-color-eclipse: #3a3a3a;
      --air-color-success: #5ec075;
      --air-color-warning: #ffdf52;
      --air-color-error: #e55451;
      --air-body-color: var(--air-color-eclipse);
      --air-body-font-family: Inter;
      --air-body-font-size: 1rem;

    Refer to documentation, for more information on using CSS variables.

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