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    Activity Spinner Icon

    Loading activity spinner icon. Patterned after Material Design's circular activity indicator.

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    Environment / tooling support

    Node/CommonJS CLI UMD ESModule VanillaJS AngularJS CSS SASS


    1. Install package:

      npm install @brikcss/spinner
    2. Include CSS or SASS files from one of:

    3. Include JS files from one of:


    JS Usage

    Spinner API

    • all: All spinner instances, by ID.
    • Spinner.create(element, options = {}): Create and return a spinner instance.
    • Spinner.toggle(id): Toggle a spinner instance.
    • Spinner.load(id) Load / activate a spinner instance.
    • Spinner.unload(id) Unload / deactivate a spinner instance.
    • Spinner.destroy(id) Destroy a spinner instance.

    Note: Each method returns the spinner instance, except the destroy method returns a Boolean.

    Spinner instance

    You can call most of the same methods from the spinner instance without knowing the spinner's ID.

    • instance.toggle(): Toggle a spinner instance.
    • instance.load() Load / activate a spinner instance.
    • instance.unload() Unload / deactivate a spinner instance.
    • instance.destroy() Destroy a spinner instance.


    The AngularJS SpinnerService is simply a thin wrapper around the vanilla core Spinner service, with the following directives added for convenience in interacting with Spinner:

    • <spinner options="{...}"> Create a spinner element in the DOM.
    • [spinner-toggle="{{id}}"] Toggle the spinner that matches id.

    To toggle a spinner with a controller variable, use the ng-class directive to toggle the active class:

    <spinner options="{...}" ng-class="{'spinner--is-spinning': myVariableIsTrue}"></spinner>

    CSS Usage


    • spinner: Spinner base class. Note: This won't show anything in the UI until the spinner has the active class modifier.
    • spinner--is-spinning: Activate the spinner and show in the UI.
    • spinner--small: Small spinner.
    • spinner--large: Large spinner.
    • spinner--inline: Inline spinner. For display with inline elements such as text or buttons.
    • spinner--multicolor: Multicolor spinner track.
    • spinner--dressed: "Dresses" spinner with a background and padding.
    • spinner--clean: Cleans up background and padding from a dressed spinner.
    • spinner--absolute: Absolutely positioned spinner.
    • spinner--slide: Spinner which slides from the top of an element.


    npm i @brikcss/spinner

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