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πŸ”Ž gatsby-plugin-seo

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SEO plugin for Gastby. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Open Graph, and meta tags.

πŸ“¦ Installation

This package is installable from npm.

npm install @bradgarropy/gatsby-plugin-seo

πŸ₯‘ Usage

To add a base set of SEO tags, create a custom <Layout/> component and add the <SEO/> component there. The SEO tags will render for every route in your site.

// .src/components/Layout.js

import SEO from "@bradgarropy/next-seo"

const Layout = ({children}) => {
    return (
            <SEO title="My website" description="A blog and portfolio" />

export default Layout

If you want to override SEO tags on individual pages, use the <SEO/> component and only include the props that you want to update. For example, if you added <SEO/> in the Layout.js file as shown above, and then included <SEO/> in the about.js file as shown below, the description would be overwritten to be Learn more about me.

// .src/pages/about.js

import SEO from "@bradgarropy/next-seo"
import Layout from "../components/layout"

const AboutPage = () => {
    return (
            <SEO description="Learn more about me" />

export default AboutPage

With this capability, you can create a default set of SEO tags, and then tailor certain properties on specific pages.

πŸ“– API Reference


Name Required Example Description
title false "My website" Page title.
description false "A blog and portfolio" Description of the page.
keywords false ["website", "blog", "portfolio"] Array of keywords.
icon false "/favicon.ico" Tab icon url.
themeColor false "#000000" Browser theme color.
colorScheme false "light" Preferred color scheme.
facebook.image false "/facebook.png" Facebook share image.
facebook.url false "https://website.com" Page URL.
facebook.type false "website" Type of resource. See all types [here][types].
twitter.image false "/twitter.png" Twitter share image.
twitter.site false "@bradgarropy" Twitter handle of publishing site.
twitter.card false "summary" Format of Twitter share card. See all types [here][cards].

All of the SEO props are optional. If a prop is not provided, the associated meta tag will not be rendered.

// renders no seo tags

// renders all seo tags
    title="My website"
    description="A blog and portfolio"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "portfolio"]}
        image: "/facebook.png",
        url: "https://website.com",
        type: "website",
        image: "/twitter.png",
        site: "@bradgarropy",
        card: "summary",

// renders some seo tags
    title="My blog"
    description="Posts about technology"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "technology"]}

❔ Questions

πŸ› report bugs by filing issues
πŸ“’ provide feedback with issues or on twitter
πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ use my ama or twitter to ask any other questions

✨ contributors

Brad Garropy

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Gem Kosan


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