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    πŸ”— gatsby link

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    πŸ”— link component for gatsby

    Gatsby provides a <Link> component for routing between internal pages. For external links, you have to use a regular <a> tag. This gatsby-link package solves that issue by providing a <Link> component that handles both internal and external urls.

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    πŸ“¦ Installation

    This package is hosted on npm.

    npm install @bradgarropy/gatsby-link

    πŸ₯‘ Usage

    For both internal and external links, use the Link component and pass it a to prop.

    import Link from "@bradgarropy/gatsby-link"
    const App = () => {
        return <Link to="https://bradgarropy.com">website</Link>

    πŸ“– API Reference


    Name Required Default Example Description
    to true "/home"
    Internal or external url.

    The component also passes through all other props, like className or activeStyle. See the Gatsby Link documentation for other relevant props. The examples below cover some common uses.

    // internal link
    <Link to="/home">home</Link>
    // internal link with additional props
    <Link to="/home" className="nav-link">home</Link>
    // external link
    <Link to="https://bradgarropy.com">website</Link>
    // external link with additional props
    <Link to="https://bradgarropy.com" className="nav-link">website</Link>

    ❔ Questions

    πŸ› report bugs by filing issues
    πŸ“’ provide feedback with issues or on twitter
    πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ use my ama or twitter to ask any other questions

    ✨ contributors

    Brad Garropy

    πŸ’» πŸ“– ⚠️ πŸš‡

    Corbin Crutchley



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