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    This is a plugin full of ESLint rules. It is intended to be a somewhat-opinionated set of standards to follow when contributing to Bleacher Report JavaScript/ES codebases.

    Custom rules

    There are a handful of custom rules implemented in this repo. Some rules emphasize the use of functions and transformations, and discourage mutation and implicit state. Some rules intend to warn you of potential footguns.


    You'll first need to install ESLint:

    $ npm install --save-dev eslint

    Next, install @br/eslint-plugin-laws-of-the-game:

    $ npm install --save-dev @br/eslint-plugin-laws-of-the-game

    Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install @br/eslint-plugin-laws-of-the-game globally.


    Add "@br/laws-of-the-game" to the plugins section of your .eslintrc configuration file. You can omit the eslint-plugin- prefix:

        "plugins": [

    It's Recommended that you use the Recommended set of rules by adding to the extends section:

        "extends": [

    Then configure any rules you'd like to tweak under the rules section:

        "rules": {
            "@br/laws-of-the-game/alphabetize-properties": ["error", {"limit": 3}],
            "@br/laws-of-the-game/no-assign-in-case-without-braces": "warn"

    Custom Rules


    We welcome contributions! There are a few ideas in the Issues of this repo.

    To get started with how to lint JavaScript, play around with the AST Explorer.

    Please add tests!

    Note that the default branch of this repo is trunk.

    Release Process

    This codebase attempts to follow Semantic Versioning.

    1. Merge. One or more approved Pull Requests are merged to the trunk branch.
    2. Test. Ensure the test suite passes, and runs the expected number of tests: npm test
    3. Measure. Choose the appropriate New Version Number according to Semantic Versioning. (The CHANGELOG.md file may help with identifying the nature of the changes.)
    4. Changelog. Edit the CHANGELOG.md file, replacing the "Unreleased" label with the New Version Number, linked to the (as-yet-uncreated) GitHub tag as well (the pattern is https://github.com/<user>/<repo>/releases/tag/<version-number>). Ensure that the notes under this version reflect the changes made by the merged Pull Requests. Commit and push.
    5. Version. Run npm version <version-number> --message "Version %s" to both update the version in the package.json file and create the tag on GitHub.
    6. Publish. Run git push && npm publish to push the merges & version to GitHub, and publish the new package on npmjs.com.
    7. Release. Create a new Release on GitHub. Visit https://github.com/<user>/<repo>/releases, click the "Draft a new release" button. In the Tag field, enter "v"; in the Title field, enter just the version number; in the Description, write a brief description of the changes in this version. Then click "Publish release".


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