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A TypeScript port of Kalle Hameleinen's Box2DLights. @box2d/lights is a 2D lighting framework that uses @box2d/core for raycasting and WebGL for rendering. This library can be used without @box2d/core, so if your 2D physics library supports raycasting, you might be able to use this as well.


  • Arbitrary number of lights
  • Gaussian blurred light maps
  • Point light
  • Cone Light
  • Directional Light
  • Chain Light [New in 1.3]
  • Shadows
  • Dynamic/static/xray light
  • Culling
  • Colored ambient light
  • Gamma corrected colors
  • Handler class to do all the work
  • Query method for testing is point inside of light/shadow

This library offer easy way to add soft dynamic 2d lights to your physic based game.


TODO (see the testbed for simple examples)

The @box2d Ecosystem

@box2d is a full-blown ecosystem for box2d for the JavaScript/TypeScript world. It can be used both in the browser and in node.js

Check out demos and compare performance here: https://lusito.github.io/box2d.ts/

Fair Warning: The whole @box2d ecosystem is in an early stage, so it will probably change a lot before we release the first stable version (1.0.0).

Other packages included in the ecosystem:

  • Benchmark: Based on bench2d by joelgwebber
  • Controllers: From the LiquidFun project
  • Particles: Also from the LiquidFun project
  • Lights: ported from LibGDX
  • DebugDraw: Debug drawing using a canvas
  • Testbed: A set of demos, partially ports of the original projects, partially new ones.


We're looking for contributors to make this the best place to start with box2d on the web. Check out the project page for more information: https://github.com/Lusito/box2d.ts


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