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    Botonic Plugin Watson

    What Does This Plugin Do?

    This plugin allows you to integrate Watson Assistant v2 in your Botonic project.

    Once installed within your project, this plugin will send the user input to a workspace and receive a response.

    The plugin retrieves the call results to enhance the input object. You can then use this data in your routes and actions.

    Example of an input object received from a user:

      type: "text",
      data: "I want to return this jacket."

    Example of the same input object after being processed by this plugin:

      type: 'text',
      data: 'I want to return this jacket.',
      intent: 'return-product',
      confidence: 0.9556,
      intents: [{ intent: 'return-product', confidence: 0.9556 }]
      entities: [{ entity: 'product', location: [22, 28], value: 'jacket', confidence: 1 }],


    1. Install the plugin from npm (or yarn):
    npm i --save @botonic/plugin-watson
    1. Add it to the src/plugins.js file by using the following options from Watson:
    • apikey
    • url
    • assistant_id
    • version (optional)
    export const plugins = [
        id: 'watson',
        resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-watson'),
        options: {
          apikey: 'apikey', <!-- pragma: allowlist secret-->
          url: 'url',
          assistant_id: 'assistant_id',
          version: 'version',


    You can use it in your routes like any other NLU plugins:

    export const routes = [{ intent: 'return-product', action: ReturnProduct }]


    npm i @botonic/plugin-watson

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