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    Botonic Plugin Inbenta

    What Does This Plugin Do?

    This plugin allows you to integrate Inbenta Knowledge Management API in your Botonic project. It works like any other AI/NLU services plugin, like Dialogflow, Watson, etc.

    Once installed within your project, this plugin sends all text inputs that users are sending to your bot and queries Inbenta API. The plugin retrieves the call results to enhance the input object. You can then use this data in your routes and actions.

    Here is an example of an input object received from a user:

        "type": "text",
        "data": "Where's my order?"

    Example of the same input object after being processed by this plugin:

        "type": "text",
        "data": "Where's my order?"
        "intent": "order-location"
        "confidence": 0.876545
        "intents": []  // The raw response from Inbenta API
        "entities": []  // Currently not supported


    1. Install the plugin from npm (or yarn):
    npm i --save @botonic/plugin-inbenta
    1. Add it to the src/plugins.js file by using the API_KEY and API_SECRET from Inbenta:
    export const plugins = [
        id: 'inbenta',
        resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-inbenta'),
        options: {
          API_KEY: 'ACB', <!-- pragma: allowlist secret-->
          API_SECRET: 'XYZ',


    You can use it in your routes like any other NLU plugins:

    export const routes = [{ intent: 'order-location', action: OrderLocation }]

    Or you can use it in your actions:

    import React from 'react'
    import { Text } from '@botonic/react'
    export default class OrderLocation extends React.Component {
      static async botonicInit({ input }) {
        if (
          input.intents &&
          input.intents.length > 0 &&
          input.intents[0].score > 0.6
          return { response: input.intents[0].attributeArrays.ANSWER_TEXT }
      render() {
        return this.props.response ? (
        ) : (
          <Text>I don't know what you're talking about</Text>


    npm i @botonic/plugin-inbenta

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