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    Botonic Plugin Google Analytics

    What Does This Plugin Do?

    With this plugin you can track the user interaction with the bot or the bot's behaviour sending the information to Google Analytics.


    1. Run npm install --save @botonic/plugin-google-analytics to install the plugin.
    2. Add it to the src/plugins.js file:


    export const plugins = [
        id: 'google_analytics',
        resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-google-analytics'),
        options: {
          trackingId: 'UA-XXXXXXXX-Y', // Your Google Analytics tracking ID
          getUserId: ({session}) => session.user.extra_data.analyticsUserId, //Optional. Method that returns a unique user ID as string
          getUserTraits: ({session}) => { userName: session.user.extra_data.analyticsUserName, userEmail: session.user.extra_data.analyticsUserEmail }, //Optional. Method that returns an object with the user Traits
          automaticTracking: true, //Optional. Indicates if an automatic tracking will be executed on every user interaction (true by default)
          getEventFields: () => ({category: 'bot', action: 'user_interaction'}) //Optional. Set custom event fields to track if automatic tracking is enabled

    If no getUserId is set, the plugin will not identify the userId (logged user) to Google Analytics. The clientId will be sent either way in all trackings. (see clientId vs. userId for more information).
    The user traits (getUserTraits) will be sent only if getUserId is set.
    If automaticTracking is set to false, the plugin will not track automatically in every user interaction. If no getEventFields is set, the plugin will send a default set of fields to the automatic tracking. This option is used only if automaticTracking is not set or is set to true.


    This plugin can also be used to track manually.
    The tracking must be done inside the botonicInit method and make sure to call it with the await keyword to ensure its execution. For every tracking, the user will be identified with the userId and userTraits defined in the plugin's options or with its default values.

    eventFields contains these Google Analytic event tracking fields :

    • category: eventCategory in Google Analytics (string, required)
    • action: eventAction in Google Analytics (string, required)
    • label: eventLabel in Google Analytics (string, optional)
    • value: eventValue in Google Analytics (numeric, optional)
    static async botonicInit({ input, session, params, lastRoutePath, plugins }) {
        const ga = plugins.google_analytics
        const eventFields = {
          category: 'chatbot',
          action: 'user_message_sent',
          label: 'rating',
          value: 4
        await ga.track({ session, eventFields })


    npm i @botonic/plugin-google-analytics

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