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    Solidoc: Documentation Generator for Solidity

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    This command-line utility creates markdown-based documentation for your Solidity project(s) for the following platforms:

    • Ethereum
    • Ethereum Classic
    • Tron
    • Qtum
    • Wanchain
    • Aeternity
    • Counterparty
    • Rootstock
    • Ubiq
    • Monax
    • RSK

    Supports Solidity up to 0.7.

    Able to also generate docs for events and state variables with tags like @notice, @dev and @param.

    Getting Started

    Global instalation

    sudo npm install solidoc -g

    Project instalation

    npm install solidoc

    CLI Arguments

    1. Path to Truffle project (or similar) root.
    2. Path to generate documentation to.
    3. Do not recompile. Optional, default: false.
    4. Compiler. Truffle compiler (use npx truffle compiler to use the same compiler as the project, instead of global install of Truffle).
    5. Language. Optional, default: en.
    6. Version. Optional, refers to contracts version (depends on the project).
    7. Ignore files. Optional, array with filenames to ignore.

    Using a configuration file is recommended (mostly if you want to ignore files).

    How to Use Solidoc?

    On your project root, run the following command:

    solidoc ./ ./docs true

    This will generate documentation to the docs directory.

    Or edit package.json

      "scripts": {
        "docgen": "solidoc ./ ./docs"

    and run:

    npm run docgen


    Do not use recompilation (third argument) if you are using this on a non Truffle project.

    Configuration File

    Alternatively, you can create solidoc.json configuration file in your project root:

      "pathToRoot": "./",
      "outputPath": "./docs",
      "noCompilation": true,
      "compiler": "truffle compile",
      "language": "en",
      "version": "0.1.10",
      "ignoreFiles": []

    and then call solidoc instead of passing any command line argument.


    If you wish to change bits and pieces of the documentation generated, place solidoc templates on the following directory:


    Solidoc Templates

    You can also override language literals by copying and editing i18n files on the following path:


    Before You Try


    npm i @bosonprotocol/solidoc

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