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TS Scripts

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Simple, mostly opinionated, scripts to build TypeScript modules.


npm install @borderless/ts-scripts --save-dev


In your package.json you can use the scripts:

  "scripts": {
    "format": "ts-scripts format",
    "specs": "ts-scripts specs",
    "test": "ts-scripts test", // Runs `check`, `specs --coverage`, `build`.
    "build": "ts-scripts build",
    "prepublishOnly": "npm run build",
    "prepare": "ts-scripts install"

You will also need to install typescript for building and vitest for specs.

Note: If using bun, you don't need vitest. You can use bun test instead.

Batteries Included

  • install - Installs husky and lint-staged for git commit hooks
  • format - Uses prettier --write on all supported files in src and the root directory
  • specs - Uses vitest to run test files match *.{test,spec}.* files
    • --watch <index> Runs vitest in watch mode on the config at <index>
    • --update Updates the snapshot files
    • --changed Runs tests on only changed files
    • --since <commit> Runs tests on files changed since <commit>
    • --test-pattern Runs tests matching the specified pattern
  • build - Uses rimraf and tsc
  • check - Uses prettier --check and tsc on each test "project"
  • test - Runs check, specs, and build


Configuration can get specified in your package.json file under ts-scripts:

  • src - An array of source file directories (default: ["src"])
  • ignore - An array of patterns to ignore (default: [])
  • dist - An array of output directories to clean before build (default: ["dist"])
  • project An array of TSConfig files to build using TypeScript (default: ["tsconfig.json"])
  • checkProject An array of TSConfig files to type check using TypeScript (default: ["tsconfig.json"])
  • test An array of test configuration objects (default: [{}])
    • dir The directory to read tests from (default: undefined, root directory)
    • config The configuration file to use for this test (default: undefined, discovered by vitest)

Specific configuration can be disabled for customized configuration by setting src, dist, project, or test to an empty array.



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