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How to set up the SDK -

Step 1:

Switch to branch develop

Step 2:

In the live-consumer-sdk run the following commands a)- "yarn" or "npm install" b)- "yarn build-dev" or "npm run build-dev"

Step 3:

the name of the package is "@borderfreefinancial/dev-revo-consumer-sdk" that is written in the package.json file. you will have to change the name of the package to "@borderfreefinancial/local-consumer-sdk" in the package.json file. [or any name you want to use, just make sure you carry out that same name everywhere after linking]

Step 4:

Run command: "yarn link" or "npm link" , after running this command you will get a feedback (only in case of using yarn) that says, you can link this project using the following command: "yarn link @borderfreefinancial/local-revo-consumer-sdk"

[in case of using npm link, you will run this command: "npm link @borderfreefinancial/local-revo-consumer-sdk" in your 'live-consumer-web-revo' project]

Step 5:

you changed the name of the package to "@borderfreefinancial/local-consumer-sdk" in the package.json file, is because we are using the local-consumer-sdk. rather than the live-consumer-sdk. that is the deployed one.

Step 6:

now you can head over to the project where you want to link this SDK to.



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