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    File Uploader Booster Rocket for AWS

    This package is a configurable Booster rocket to add an Object Storage(S3 bucket) to your Booster Application. Every time a new object is uploaded, a new event will be persisted in the Events Store with data like the fileUri and file size.


    Install this package as a dependency in your Booster project.

    npm install @boostercloud/rocket-static-sites-aws-infrastructure

    In your Booster config file, pass a RocketDescriptor array to the AWS' Provider initializer configuring the file uploader rocket:

    import { Booster } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
    import { BoosterConfig } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'
    import * as AWS from '@boostercloud/framework-provider-aws'
    Booster.configure('development', (config: BoosterConfig): void => {
      config.appName = 'test-app'
      config.provider = Provider([{
        packageName: '@boostercloud/rocket-fileuploader-aws-infrastructure', 
        parameters: {
          bucketName: 'test-bucket-name', // Required
          eventTypeName: 'FileAdded',
          entityTypeName: 'File',

    FileAdded event type and File entity type can have different names but they should comply to the following structure:

    import { Event } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
    import { UUID } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'
    export class FileAdded {
      public constructor(readonly fileURI: string, readonly filesize: number) {}
      public entityID(): UUID {
        return this.fileURI
    import { Entity, Reduces } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
    import { FileAdded } from '../events/file-added'
    import { UUID } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'
    export class File {
      public constructor(public id: UUID, readonly filesize: number) {}
      public static reduceBigFileAdded(event: FileAdded, currentFile?: File): File {
        return new File(event.fileURI, event.filesize)


    npm i @boostercloud/rocket-fileuploader-aws-infrastructure

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