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    npm install @bolt/components-typeahead


    • Progressively enhanced simple html <form> fallback (via Twig)
    • Server-side pre-rendered SVG icons (when using Twig)!
    • Uses the new withEvents base class to allow for much deeper JavaScript customization
    • Fuzzy logic search / fuzzy matching using fuse.io
    • Keyboard combo-support (command+shift+f)
    • Wired up to use CSS Modules (once they ship in a future Bolt release)
    • Fully customizable behavior to handle partial vs full result matches, etc
    • Supports rendering to the Shadow DOM and the Light DOM

    What's Next? (Future Updates)

    • Fully support theming system colors
    • JSDoc support / further improve docs and demos
    • Broader testing coverage
    • Look into adding <slot> support
    • More customization for additional use cases?
    • Multi-section support


    JavaScript Properties/Attributes

    Name Type Description
    items array An array of objects that populates the dropdown

    JavaScript Event Hooks

    Name Params Description
    onInput event,
    Called every time the input value changes
    getSuggestions value Called by onSuggestionsFetchRequested when re-rendering suggestions. Handles highlighting keywords in the search results in a React-friendly way + handles limiting the total number of results displayed
    onChange event,
    newValue, method
    Called when a suggestion is selected. Includes info on how the particular item was selected (click, keyboard, etc)
    onSuggestionsFetchRequested value Called every very time you need to gather / update suggestions to display. See onSuggestionsFetchRequested for more info.
    onSuggestionsClearRequested Called when clearing suggestions. See onSuggestionsClearRequested for more info.
    onSelected event,
    Will be called every time suggestion is selected via mouse or keyboard. See onSuggestionSelected for more info.
    onRenderInput value Fired when the input is being rendered

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    npm i @bolt/components-typeahead

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