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    ℹ️ Fork of tcort repository (version 4.5.2), with several improvements:

    • completely rewritten in typescript
    • see since v4.5.2 to get full list of improvements


    Checks whether a hyperlink is alive (200 OK) or dead.


    npm install --save link-check


    A link is said to be 'alive' if an HTTP HEAD or HTTP GET for the given URL eventually ends in a 200 OK response. To minimize bandwidth, an HTTP HEAD is performed. If that fails (e.g. with a 405 Method Not Allowed), an HTTP GET is performed. Redirects are followed.

    In the case of mailto: links, this module validates the e-mail address using isemail.


    linkCheck(link, [opts,] callback)

    Given a link and a callback, attempt an HTTP HEAD and possibly an HTTP GET.


    • url string containing a URL.
    • opts optional options object containing any of the following optional fields:
      • baseUrl the base URL for relative links.
      • timeout timeout in zeit/ms format. (e.g. "2000ms", 20s, 1m). Default 10s.
      • aliveStatusCodes an array of numeric HTTP Response codes which indicate that the link is alive. Entries in this array may also be regular expressions. Example: [ 200, /^[45][0-9]{2}$/ ]. Default [ 200 ].
      • headers a string based attribute value object to send custom HTTP headers. Example: { 'Authorization' : 'Basic Zm9vOmJhcg==' }.
      • retryOn429 a boolean indicating whether to retry on a 429 (Too Many Requests) response. When true, if the response has a 429 HTTP code and includes an optional retry-after header, a retry will be attempted after the delay indicated in the retry-after header. If no retry-after header is present in the response or the retry-after header value is not valid according to RFC7231 (value must be in seconds), a default retry delay of 60 seconds will apply. This default can be overriden by the fallbackRetryDelay parameter.
      • retryOnError a boolean indicating whether to retry on error (not an error status code). Default is false.
      • retryCount the number of retries to be made on a 429 response. Default 2.
      • fallbackRetryDelay the delay in zeit/ms format. (e.g. "2000ms", 20s, 1m) for retries on a 429 response when no retry-after header is returned or when it has an invalid value. Default is 60s.
      • debug enable debug
      • debugToStdErr write debug message to standard error output
    • callback function which accepts (err, result).
      • err an Error object when the operation cannot be completed, otherwise null.
      • result an object with the following properties or undefined:
        • link the link provided as input
        • status a string set to either alive or dead.
        • statusCode the HTTP status code. Set to 0 if no HTTP status code was returned (e.g. when the server is down).
        • err any connection error that occurred, otherwise undefined.
        • additionalMessages a list of additional messages that occured, otherwise undefined.



    'use strict';
    const linkChecker = require('link-check');
    linkCheck.linkCheck('', function (err, result) {
        if (err) {
        console.log(`${} is ${result.status}`);


    import { linkCheck, Options, LinkCheckResult } from 'link-check'
    const options: Options = {
        timeout: '5s',
    linkCheck('', options, (err: any, result: LinkCheckResult) => {
        if (err) {
        console.log(`${} is ${result.status}`)

    One-liner test from shell

    node -e 'require("link-check").linkCheck("", {debug: true, timeout: "5s"}, function (err, result) { console.log(result)})'

    With basic authentication:

    'use strict';
    const linkChecker = require('link-check');
    linkChecker.linkCheck('', { headers: { 'Authorization': 'Basic Zm9vOmJhcg==' } }, function (err, result) {
        if (err) {
        console.log(`${} is ${result.status}`);


    npm test




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