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    Hippo Theme

    The Hippo theme is a centralised library containing reusable components for Hippo-related projects. You can use it to create clickable mockups or end-projects that need to be in line with the Hippo styling.

    Development environment setup



    Run the commands below in the project root directory.

    $ npm ci

    Useful commands

    Generate build

    The build version is located in the dist directory.

    $ npm run build

    Run tests

    The tests need to pass in order to build the demo.

    $ npm test

    Setup server

    The browser will show the demo website which shows all available components for the theme.

    $ npm start

    Watch task for the Hippo theme during development

    When working on end projects that use Hippo theme, sometimes changes need to be made to Hippo theme and you want to see the results right away. For this we can use npm link. First create a global link to the Hippo theme

    $ npm link

    On OSX, you may need super-user privileges to create this link. Assuming you have a watch task with livereload enabled running in your end project, you can use the npmlink_watch task to watch the Hippo theme files (running two live-reload watch tasks in parallel is not possible)

    $ npm run npmlink_watch

    Then in your end project run

    $ npm link hippo-theme

    When the link is no longer necessary, simply remove it on the project side with

    $ npm uninstall hippo-theme

    and in your global NPM library with

    $ npm unlink

    This, too, may require super-user privileges on OSX.

    Deployment to NPM

    $ npm publish


    Adding icons

    To add an icon to the theme and use it in the CMS Java code, perform the following steps:

    • Add the .svg file to the src/images/icons folder
    • Ensure that there is a copyright header
    • Ensure that the icons does have color by setting 'fill="currentColor"' or 'stroke="currentColor"' where applicable
    • Add the icon to the demo page
    • Add the icon constant to the CMS project's (api/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/skin/




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