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    Bloomreach Spartacus Library

    The Bloomreach Spartacus Library enables Bloomreach Content and Discovery capabilities with Spartacus. The Bloomreach Spartacus Library interacts with the following:


    • Category highlight
    • Pathways & Recommendations
    • Spartacus banner
    • Spartacus paragraph
    • Spartacus product carousel
    • Spartacus product details
    • Spartacus product list
    • Banner
    • Spartacus breadcrumb
    • Spartacus cart coupon
    • Spartacus cart details
    • Spartacus cart quick order form
    • Spartacus cart totals
    • Spartacus checkout order summary
    • Spartacus checkout progress
    • Spartacus checkout progress mobile bottom
    • Spartacus checkout progress mobile top
    • Spartacus checkout review order
    • Spartacus delivery mode
    • Spartacus forget password
    • Spartacus login
    • Spartacus login register
    • Spartacus mini cart
    • Spartacus order confirmation items
    • Spartacus order confirmation totals
    • Spartacus order confirmation overview
    • Spartacus order confirmation thank you message
    • Spartacus payment method
    • Spartacus place order
    • Spartacus product facet navigation
    • Spartacus register
    • Spartacus search box
    • Spartacus shipping address
    • Spartacus user greet
    • Spartacus wish list
    • User my account

    Getting Started

    • Clone the demo app here


    Your Angular development environment should include the following:

    • Angular CLI: Version 12.2.x or later.
    • Node.js: The most recent 12.14.x or later.
    • Yarn: Version 1.15 or later / npm: Version 6.x or later

    Install dependencies and start

    Before starting the SPA,

    • Configure the environemnt variables as here
    • Set the Spartacus OCC config in src/app/spartacus/spartacus-configuration.module.ts as here

    In the root directory of your project run the following commands using NPM:

    npm ci
    npm start

    Or with Yarn (Recommended):

    yarn start 

    Environment variables

    The Enviroment Variables are to be configured as follows:

    Property Required Description
    endpoint yes The Bloomreach Content endpoint.
    smEndPoint yes The Bloomreach Discovery endpoint.
    smSuggestionEndPoint yes The Bloomreach Discovery Suggestion endpoint.
    accountId yes The Bloomreach Discovery account ID.
    domainKey yes The Bloomreach Discovery domain key.
    authKey yes The Bloomreach Discovery auth key.
    defaultLoadingTime yes Default spinner loading time.
    netlifyEnvUrl optional Endpoint of Netlify function to get environment variables.


    export const environment = {
      production: true,
      netlifyEnvUrl: "https://..../.netlify/functions/get-env-variables",
      libConfig: {
        endpoint: 'https://...../pages',
        smEndPoint: 'https://....',
        smSuggestionEndPoint: '',
        accountId : "1234",
        domainKey : "abc_123",
        authKey : "etdr235dfh"
      appConfig: {
        defaultLoadingTime: 2 // in seconds

    Accessing Environment Variables from Netlify

    • Deploy Netlify function along with App distribution to Netlify
    • Netlify provides an endpoint of the deployed function to access the environment variables
    • Copy the endpoint URL from Netlify functions dashboard and add it to "netlifyEnvUrl" property in the environment file as shown above
    • Use 'brx_' as prefix while setting ENV variables names in Netlify (Eg: brx_endpoint)
    • If adding/editing environment variables in Netlify, you'll need to rebuild and re-deploy the App to get the latest value of environment variables


    • Know more about Bloomreach SAP Spartacus here
    • The environment variables must be configured at build time since Angular does not support configuring them in runtime from the hosting provider.


    Published under Apache 2.0 license.


    npm i @bloomreach/brx-spartacus-library

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