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Angular implementation of well known Gridster (no jQuery, no external libraries, only Angular and Rx.js). Demo.

  1. Getting started
  2. What is Angular2gridster and why to use it?
  3. API Documentation
  4. Roadmap

More comprehensive documentation is available in Wiki.

Development progress can be tracked in Milestones and in Project board.


  • Version 7.x works with Angular 7.x.
  • Version 6.x works with Angular 6.x.
  • Version 5.x works with Angular 5.x.
  • Version 4.x works with Angular 4.x.

Versions 1.x and 0.x works only with Angular 4.x, but the newest states you can find in v4.x.


npm install angular2gridster

Once installed you need to import our module:

import { GridsterModule } from 'angular2gridster';

  declarations: [
  imports: [
    GridsterModule.forRoot() // .forRoot() is required since version v4+
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

The example it imports in AppModule, but it could also be imported in any other module - depends where you want to use it.

Additional steps for System.js

To make Angular2gridster works with System.js you need to provide dedicated configuration in systemjs.config.js. It requires change in map object and 'packages' as follows:

    map: {
        // ...
        rxjs: 'node_modules/rxjs',
        angular2gridster: 'node_modules/angular2gridster',
    packages: {
        // ...
        rxjs: {defaultExtension: 'js'},
        angular2gridster: {main: 'dist/index.js', defaultExtension: 'js'},

Example usage

<ngx-gridster [options]="gridsterOptions" [draggableOptions]="{ handlerClass: 'panel-heading' }">
        *ngFor="let widget of widgets"
        <!-- some content -->

For version before 6.0.0:

<gridster [options]="gridsterOptions" [draggableOptions]="{ handlerClass: 'panel-heading' }">
        *ngFor="let widget of widgets"
        <!-- some content -->
widgets: Array<any> = [...];
gridsterOptions = {
  lanes: 2, // how many lines (grid cells) dashboard has
  direction: 'vertical', // items floating direction: vertical/horizontal/none
  floating: false, // default=true - prevents items to float according to the direction (gravity)
  dragAndDrop: false, // possible to change items position by drag n drop
  resizable: false, // possible to resize items by drag n drop by item edge/corner
  useCSSTransforms: true, // Uses CSS3 translate() instead of position top/left - significant performance boost.
  responsiveSizes: true, // allow to set different item sizes for different breakpoints
  // ResponsiveOptions can overwrite default configuration with any option available for specific breakpoint.
  responsiveOptions: [
            breakpoint: 'sm',
            lanes: 3
            breakpoint: 'md',
            minWidth: 768,
            lanes: 4,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true
            breakpoint: 'lg',
            lanes: 6,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true
            breakpoint: 'xl',
            minWidth: 1800,
            lanes: 8,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true


If you use responsiveOptions, then item coords will be assigned to different breakpoint attributes:

  • till sm (480px), it uses x and y attributes
  • sm (480px - 768px), it uses xSm and ySm attributes
  • md (768px - 1250px), it uses xMd and yMd attributes
  • lg (1250px - 1800px), it uses xLg and yLg attributes
  • from xl (1800px), it uses xXl and yXl attributes

(widths in px are only example and works for `responsiveOptions in example above).

If you set responsiveSizes: true, item size can be different for different breakpoints. In this case size will be binded to following attributes:

  • till sm (480px), it uses w and h attributes
  • sm (480px - 768px), it uses wSm and hSm attributes
  • md (768px - 1250px), it uses wMd and hMd attributes
  • lg (1250px - 1800px), it uses wLg and hLg attributes
  • from xl (1800px), it uses wXl and hXl attributes


Clone or download this repository and just run:

npm i
npm run build
npm start

Go to: http://localhost:4200/

Compilation problems

If somebody will have compilation problems please add an issue (if not yet created). I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Angular compiler has still some issues opened and it is changing frequently.

As a temporary solution copy files from /projects/angular2gridster/src/lib folder to dedicated folder in your project.


If the current behavior is a bug or you can illustrate your feature request better with an example, please provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem via CodeSandbox:

Edit Angular2gridster demo

The project is in development so don't hesitate to writte any questions or suggestion on issue list. I look forward to get a response from you.


This project was created on idea of GridList. Great alternative for Gridster.

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